Sunday, August 30, 2020


Forward! I suppose. Mary Lou, you have brought on stage the whole concept of knitting to podcasts (which I might have been able to figure out for myself). Today I knit to a BBC one about the US election – a subject I find of riveting interest.


Tomorrow, perhaps, the Four Minute Mile. It’s on the BBC list. I remember that. I remember an article, perhaps in “Sports Illustrated”, opining that it was impossible, beyond the capacity of human physiology. And I once met the Associated Press man who went to the field that day and saw it happen. (It was no secret that Bannister was aiming for it, and quite likely to succeed.)


The AP man carefully noted the position of the nearest telephone box. When Bannister’s time was confirmed, he rushed to the spot and found a bloody woman in there, nattering away. A few minutes later the UPI man strolled up, took the phone from his wife – “Thanks, dear” – and phoned in the scoop.


The second EPS sleeve has advanced. Four or five more decreases to go. They’re every fourth round, and when they’re all done, the sleeve is done – so there’s not much more.


  1. =Tamar6:42 PM

    Tut tut, UPI man. Whatever happened to the concept of waiting in the queue?

  2. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Very funny. That wouldn't happen in today's Smartphone world, of course. Chloe

  3. And now it is 3.4 something. How do people keep getting faster, I wonder?

  4. A lot of it is due to changes in the running track surface and shoes. The Iffley Road track in those days was cinder, and running shoe technology has reduced the energy loss per impact/stride. But there's also better understanding of biomechanics, nutrition and sport science in general.