Monday, August 03, 2020

I’ve enjoyed another day of freedom of movement, and I’ve ordered myself a cami-bra. My vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds.


I enjoyed Part Two of the TV Suitable Boy. It seemed less hurried than Part One. The Indian settings are beautiful, although – perhaps partly because --lacking the squalor and poverty which Seth unobtrusively reminds us, lurk around every corner.


And I reached the final row of Clue Four of the Stillness Shawl. Elsie, your comment about Clue 5 isn’t entirely reassuring! However, the designer has distributed 20% of the whole neatly into the five clues – I must just forge ahead. The finish is done back and forth; it’s not my favourite sort of edging, alas, where you attach some narrow lace by taking in one stitch from the shawl body on the return row each time. I can see that that wouldn’t have been suitable.


Clearly the let-me-mess-up-your-website team have been inspired to new heights by lockdown. Now it’s Ravelry, and I gather (without understanding) that the new version actually gives some people seizures. I first heard of this from Countess Ablaze who has suffered a seizure and has withdrawn altogether, patterns, yarn, and all; then from Queer Joe who defends Ravelry on the whole.


  1. Yes I read Queer Joe's blog about Ravelry. I think you could add Word Press where a new editor came to work. Now I can't even access my own blog to write a new post
    janet's Thread 2

  2. I was amazed by the Ravelry changes. Speaking as someone who has not changed the basic decor of my house for thirty years, I like things to be familiar. I was not expecting dancing hot-air balloons. Mind you, when I reverted to Classic I noticed that heap of yarn with animals in it for the first time in ages. I don't have health issues with it but I did think it gave a very poor idea of the craft, as something childish and cute. But I do depend on the site and have done these many years, so in the end I will get used to the balloons - now they have stopped dancing about.

  3. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Mostly with Queer Joe on this, and I'm one of those who had problems. I have migraines, and felt sick and had visual disturbances after a very short while. Some of the comments were pretty abusive and Ravelry rather defensive, but they do seem to be trying to improve things now. There was a survey, which I filled in, and at least that balloon has calmed down!


  4. I actually took advantage of the option to revert back to the older version of Ravelry because I found the new design so regressive and the colors about fifteen years too late. Oy!

  5. I have to say I get tired of the "new look" mania. My Accuweather app has gone rogue, much less useful to me. Then, Surprise! Happy Monday! my work Microsoft Word has a new look that I can probably change if I took the time.

  6. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Not only Ravelry (so far Classic Ravelry still available!) but the symbols throughout my iPad have become so ...scant (for lack of a better word) that it has become a guessing game as to where they are and what they even mean. Chloe

  7. =Tamar3:52 PM

    I am hard of hearing and I used to use the "captions" function on Youtube fairly often. A short while ago something changed, so that the captions are minuscule and on a black background, which is utterly useless. Enlarging the screen doesn't help.

    1. Tamar, I use captions a lot for the same reason, and found a way to change the YT captions - maybe it will help! Click the Settings (gear), then Subtitles/CC, then Options. You can change font, size, color, background color, background opacity - many things! I hope you'll see this comment :)

  8. =Tamar8:06 PM

    I've seen it now. Thanks! Will try that.