Thursday, February 25, 2021


A pleasant day. 3177 steps – and Helen and I only got once around the garden. The rest must have been me pacing anxiously up and down the hall to look at the washing machine in action. It did fine, except that, on the basic cycle we chose – it was called “cottons” – it took a long time. I think, studying the book, that that was something to do with “eco”-ness. There is an alternative cycle, much quicker, which uses more power. But the load for that has to be lighter in weight, as well. It might be better to stick with basic and prolonged.


Helen likes the Evendoon.


So that’s that done. (Her dog is named Farouk. He is a gentle soul, who pays no attention to cats. Perdita reciprocates by paying no attention to him. Paradox has the vapours.)


And I moved forward nicely with the Polliwog. The initial ribbing is done. After a single increase row, the body is done in peaceful st st up to the armholes, on a circular needle. After that, front and back will be separated (i.e., no steeking). To make it even more peaceful, three-row stripes alternate in the two colours. I think my odd colours are going to work well enough. And I feel an initial satisfaction with the size. I am suspended between being afraid that it will be too small, because the yarn is so fine; and too big, because I have cast on enough stitches for the 2-year-old size. The result seems to be that I am sailing forward unworried.


A major fuse failed today. I have a modern fuse box – my nice electrician got tired of being called out to replace them – and it was easily put right. But why did it happen? It was a bright day – no lights were on, and at first I didn’t grasp what had happened. I thought my computer – which is not new – had perished; I was half-way to choosing a new one.


I had a new scam today – a text message from a bank to say that “A new device has attempted to add payee MR H MOHAMMED”.  Fortunately it came from a bank where I don’t have an account, so I don’t need to waste time worrying.


I understand that the rugby match between Scotland and France has been postponed, because there have been some cases of COVID on the French team. Alas. That leaves Wales against England, which could be interesting. (And, by elimination, Ireland against Italy. Italy always loses.)


  1. What a beautiful dog! And jumper! And model!
    I couldn't wait for the 3mm needles, so have cast on a trial run for the Osaka using 4mm needles and yarn from a relative's stash. It is reused yarn and I am discovering that it is all bits and pieces wound into a ball; some only a yard, others longer. Also discovering all sorts of new things about colourwork...
    I'll finish this cosy in the wrong wool in the wrong colours on the wrong needles - luckily it doesn't have to fit a particular person like your polliwog! Then I might make a decent job of the 'real' one. I'm past the ribbing ugh, in 2 colours as well.

  2. The Evendoon looks fabulous on Helen. And that is a fabulous dog! He seems to be saying that he likes it too.
    Love all your posts.
    Someday, post covid, I hope to visit Scotland again and perhaps, even go to Shetland. You are inspiring me.
    And with your diligence with Italian, I have continued to study Korean, on line. The classes I attended in person, no longer exist as the teachers (husband and wife) have retired. Korean is difficult, a different alphabet, and syntax but it does help when we watch Korean dramas.

  3. Anonymous9:46 PM

    Perhaps the new washer was the culprit for the fuse going. If it happens again then you may need to have an electrician check it out and install a higher rated fuse to handle it. The Evendoon looks great and I'm glad that Helen and her dog approve. Joe-inWyoming

  4. Kristen I hope you can spit splice those bits and pieces! The Evendoon looks like fits Helen perfectly, and suits her.

  5. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Love the Evendoon and the pooch! Do we know what breed he is?

    Beverly in NJ

  6. =Tamar2:00 AM

    The Evendoon is handsome!

    Since the new fusebox (circuit breaker, I should think) was installed because so many fuses were burning out, maybe it is an ongoing problem, not necessarily caused by the washer. Is the washer on its own dedicated circuit?

  7. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Wow what a sweater! Looks great on Helen.
    Thanks for sharing the photo.

  8. Anonymous2:07 AM

    oops sorry that last comment was from
    Lisa RR

  9. What a beautiful sweater and model. Such lovely work.

  10. Anonymous10:48 AM

    How lucky Helen is to have such a wonderful knitter as a mother. Technically perfect and flattering as well. Farouk is a gem. I want to reach out and pet him. Chloe