Thursday, February 18, 2021


Only 1911 steps today – why so? Helen and I got around the garden, and everything else has been as normal. Maybe I can put in a few laps before bed. At the moment I am waiting for the shop to ring up and give me a two-hour slot for the delivery of my new washing machine tomorrow.


There is a certain amount to report on the knitting front. Here is my Evendoon, in the process of being revised. That red stripe at the bottom is half-done, although it doesn’t look it. I think it was two days ago that I posted a picture of the real Evendoon, for comparison.


Great richness in today’s post – the new (in every sense) VK, and the Shetland Wool Week annual with the leg warmer pattern. I will submit the latter to J. for appraisal and comment. It looks OK to me.


There are some good things in VK, not least two designs by the new editor, Norah Gaughan. The level of the articles is rather low, however.




I was interested, and comforted, to hear that we’re all getting the same scam phone calls. Alexander has taught me never to respond to a recorded message. Very occasionally there will be a genuine one, and in that case it will reappear. I think changing passwords here and there might be a good idea, as you suggest. That time I came closer than I care to recall, to losing my life savings, it was a real person, phoning from “the bank”, to tell me my account had been compromised and I needed to move all my money to them at once. I was saved that time by my fondness for reading newspaper articles about Silly Old Fools who have fallen for similar pushes.




I made a start, anyway, with what will be a very short essay on “Fontamara”. Nosenabook, that’s good advice from your high school Spanish: try to think in the new language. Writing is a related discipline.


  1. A 90 year old friend was completely convinced by scammers that they had got control of her savings bank account, and if she didn't transfer £10,000 to them they would clear the account. It was the bank that blocked the transaction and froze the account for her. They told her they only way the scammers can get her money is if she paid it to them, that however plausible they sound there are too many checks to being able to clear the account. She felt wobbly for days,weeks afterwards. It is rare for me to want to curse people but...

    The Evandoon is looking good, Knitting is getting more and more fascinating; the more you do, the more you can do! Sister Patricia at my convent school has definitely got the last laugh.

  2. There is a piece about Oberlin in the NYTimes, Jean. It is audio but you can click on it for the transcript if you prefer.