Monday, February 08, 2021


It’s cold. It’s very cold. Much of the rest of the country – including south Edinburgh – has had a fairly substantial amount of snow. We’ve had only a not-slippery dusting here in Drummond Place. Helen and I got once around the garden this morning in brilliant, cold sunshine. Real ski-ing weather. 2375 steps today. And no cider, due to my new four-days-off-three-days-on routine. I thought it would be like having Ash Wednesday every week, but I’m still coasting on the momentum of my Dry January and today was easy.


And I’m up to 10 ½ edging scallops on the fourth side of Gudrun’s hap. Four more points for the sidebar. The end is, literally, in sight.


A request has come in for leg-warmers to commemorate the great Calcutta Cup victory – an interesting idea. That would be in addition to a Fair Isle vest for Hamish. I’m searching the world of art for a suitable picture to copy colour from. Same colour scheme for both projects. Similar but not identical Fair Isle motifs.


I’ve been reading a book about the Royal Family – an embarrassing thing to admit. I’ve finished it, and will return at least to the foothills of literature tomorrow.





  1. Don't be embarrassed. The British royal family is an institution, with the longest reigning monarch ever. Plus, I enjoy it as well! Leg warmers sound like an interesting idea, adult size?

  2. =Tamar2:23 AM

    Legwarmers would basically be kneesocks without the feet, so they would be less likely to wear out. Not a bad idea. They could do double duty as arm warmers for reading in bed.

  3. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I don't think legwarmers need the shaping that goes into kneesocks, people seem to like to wear them with a certain bagginess both in length and width, also over trousers or leggings......does the requester have a favourite pair whose dimensions they could supply?

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Would you knit the legwarmers with circulars or dpns? For some reason that interests me. I prefer circs but with Fair Isle it might be a different story. Chloe

  5. I love that--return at least to the foothills of literature!

  6. Are the legwarmers for Wee Hamish? You could do a Scots tartan colors in stripes.