Tuesday, February 23, 2021


Stormy, today. Archie came, and we set out for a little walk. The sun was even shining. But we decided after a few steps that it wasn’t a good idea. The wind was blowing so that you had to stop and cling on to the railings. It probably would have been walkable in the garden – it’s fairly sheltered – but first, one had to get there. So we turned back.


And this afternoon, it sounds stormy out there. 1013 steps. The plumber was here most of the morning. Everything looks wonderful, and tomorrow I had better try doing some washing – the instructions go on for pages. The plumbing cost more than the washing machine. It's all Helen's fault.


I had a Zoom meeting this afternoon, holiness, connected with Lent. The trouble with Zoom – one of the troubles with Zoom – is that one frets about it so much in advance that it fills up the whole day.


The knitting progresses. I’m binding off the Evendoon for the second time. Tomorrow should see it done. There won’t even be many ends to deal with. And then, indeed, I hope, a picture of Helen inside it. 


Kirsten, I hope you’ll continue to post your progress with the Osaka Tea Cosy. It’s getting exciting.


Not much reading today: a bit of holiness, a bit of Ovid. Now I'll go listen to the news, which should contain Mrs Sturgeon's views on the end of lockdown: on which depends C.'s and my May 1 cruise.


  1. =Tamar8:04 PM

    Trying to walk in a high wind probably counts for more effort than regular walking! Not to mention dealing with plumbing.

  2. I ripped out the garter stitch bottom of a bottom up sweater. It's a toddler sweater and I ran out of yarn for the sleeves, so I'm going to cobble together something from the colors I used in the top. (It is my design Shanley.) I would like to say it was poor planning, but in fact it was no planning. I thought I would have plenty of the main color but not even close!

  3. I just love hearing the tales of you and Archie. What a great kid.

  4. Anonymous10:56 AM

    It used to be you bought an appliance and you turned it on. Now you practically need a degree in applianceship to operate anything. And the instruction book is even more daunting because it is written in at least two languages which makes it thicker. Chloe