Monday, February 22, 2021


Another nice day, although not as crystalline as yesterday. Helen and I got only once around the garden, but the step count is 2629. It has been a day of (what passes around here for) event – maybe that upped the count a bit. A plumber came, and can’t get water into the new washing machine without a new valve of some sort; otherwise there isn’t enough pressure. And Mindful Chef delivered some more meals. And a book came in the mail. It doesn’t sound very eventful, when I put it like that.


Boris’s plans for reopening the economy don’t sound very hopeful for our May 1 cruise. And Mrs Sturgeon will certainly want to be stricter than Boris. Our Leader is going to address us this evening.


Knitting went well. I have now reached the ninth round of ribbing on the revised Evendoon. . KD says to do 13. I could add a couple more if I think they’re required when I get that far, but I think it’s going to be about right. Keeping the colour sequence was also right. The extra length transforms the effect, in a good way. I watched Franklin’s latest vlog today – he, too, was doing the ribbing at the bottom of a top-down sweater. That was sort of nice.


Another success today was finding where my cleaner had put the two balls of yarn I had wound for the Polliwog. They weren’t obvious, but I found them.


I think perhaps I’ll have a go at the Forsytes when I finish “Fontamara”.


  1. =Tamar7:30 PM

    Sounds like a good day all round.

  2. Finding yarn is always an event! I wasted a great deal of time searching for a particular needle from one of my sets of interchangeables. It will show up eventually, and I have others, but still...

  3. Not to mention Delivery of Yarn! My very first ever encounter with J and S 2ply, and the book with the pattern for the Osaka Tea cosy. Am re re reading the instructions while waiting for 3mm needles to arrive. I'm slowly working my way down from chunky via dk to the thin stuff!