Saturday, February 13, 2021


Not much tonight. Wales has just beaten Scotland in a thriller. Never mind: we’ve got the Calcutta Cup.


The match was too exciting to allow for much knitting, but I made a slight advance down the second Evendoon cuff.


I continue grateful for your help with leg warming. Beverly asks (comment yesterday) which of Ella Gordon’s wonderful colourways I am leaning towards. The problem has become more difficult since she posted some more on the Jamieson and Smith blog yesterday. But of the first lot, November 20, my first thought was the Peerie boat, because it offered something like the coup de rouge in that orange. But then I thought maybe the overall effect was too bright, with that blue, and I tended more towards Seaweed at the Shetland Museum slipways, with the lime green providing the coup. But I haven’t really got to work with the new selection. I’m glad I don’t have to choose right away (because I’m going to knit the Polliwog next).


I’ve finished Sense and Sensibility, and remain rather hostile to it.


  1. I would suggest knitting the legwarmers as I knit socks. 2 sets of DPS. Knit in tandem. First a bit on number 1, then a bit on number 2. you'll get the hang of the pattern, and have the yarn colors at hand. When one is done, the other will be almost done. This is the way I knit socks. I've never had issues with second sock syndrome.

  2. =Tamar9:56 PM

    Choosing the coup color has been the hardest part for me. I once found it necessary to remove and replace a single row in a completed hat, using a kind of kitchener stitch, because a risky color just didn't work.

    I'm curious to know what you object to in S&S, but it's fine if you'd rather not say.

  3. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I did a little checking on Amazon for negative reviews. Only found one, but it was very forceful. Reviewer found it boring, particularly Elinor. characters and plot dissatisfied her and seemed quite irked by all the emphasis on money. By contrast, reviewer did like Pride and Prejudice. Chloe

  4. I love "Sense and Sensibility". I have to say, Chloe, that I would never have thought of Amazon as a reliable source for reviews of one of the world's greatest writers. Whole libraries of critical opinion have been written on the six novels which she wrote.
    I like the book because it covers a wider range of experience than some of the others. Colonel Brandon brings in other possibilities. Even the precarious dependency of the Dashwood family gives us a wider range than the comfortable life led by Emma and the Bennetts. We seem to be closer to harsh reality - Marianne almost dies - than in some of the others. and I find Elinor's self-denial very moving - she gets her reward in the end, though.
    As you say, Jean, now we are both vaccinated, the time may come...

  5. I think Chloe was just looking to see why someone might not like S&S. Having spent a lot of my career in the company of literary critics, many of whom I admire, I myself feel that the opinion of lay readers, Jane Austen's greatest audience, are just as valid as those of the "experts". For my part, I like S&S but don't like Emma. And like Mary Lou, I LOVE Persuasion, both book and film. P&P remains my favourite.