Monday, April 19, 2021


Andrew Doig is dead. I suspect you all know that already.


In case, however, anyone doesn’t: go to Youtube, type in “Fruity Knitting”, and choose from the extensive library of back issues. Any one will do. Andrew was the lights-and-camera man, Andrea the superb and meticulous knitter. She was also brilliant at interviews, never less than completely prepared. But the jewel in the crown, the cherry on the cake, was Andrew learning to knit. Not as a joke, but seriously: and he was making great progress.


He died at a clinic, somewhere in the Black Forest, where they are working on treatments based on the DNA of one’s own tumour. There was a letter in the Times, perhaps a month ago, complaining that people with glioblastoma who wanted to travel to Germany for such treatment had the extra costs of testing and isolation to bear. My question is this: do the results so far offer any glimmer of hope? I know, of course, that no-hope today could mean a spectacular breakthrough in six months’ time. Andrea did a lot of serious research before she bundled Andrew into the car and drove him off to the Black Forest.


Not much else. Still no knitting. What is the matter with me? I got around the garden this morning all by myself – and, goodness! isn’t April wonderful? – but it was a struggle. 1812 steps. It’s relatively early.


  1. =Tamar6:28 PM

    I think there's a form of burnout that happens after a long period of stress, and we've all had that in various ways. Multiple stressors make it worse. Still, there's the issue of habit as well, and too long a break can make it difficult to get back. Congratulations on the walking! Yes, spring weather is delightful. Perhaps you could knit during TV news? It's not as though it's much more than talking heads.

  2. Dreadful news about Andrew. He was obviously a lovely man. Poor Andrea.
    Do try to catch the Barbara Pym biog being read on BBC Radio at present. Oh, and a plug for "Shtisel" on Netflix. It' a soap opera set in Jerusalem, with sub-titles, but it is irresistible, gentle and wise with some great acting.

    1. Shtisel: yes, Shandy,we really liked it too. Worth watching "Unorthodox", too, with one of the same actresses.

    2. I was devastated by the news of Andrew's death when I read Andrea's poignant message this morning. Although I must say, I held out slight hope after the last update where he looked like he had had enough.
      I hope Andrea will find comfort in Madeleine and perhaps in continuing Fruity Knitting.

  3. Hopefully you can read this article in the NYTimes on Languishing. Seems to be the state many of us are in right at the moment

  4. Yes - we are all languishing to some extent, I think. Good for you to keep on walking!

  5. Languishing - that's the word for sure. Yesterday I was charmed to see that some seeds I planted last month and given up on were just beginning to show. (Unless they are weeds...?)
    So sad about Andrew.

  6. Anonymous9:36 AM

    This is the news I was dreading. They almost felt like members of the family. I wonder how Andrea will cope. Chloe.

  7. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Sorry to hear that news of Andrew.
    Toronto may see snow on Wednesday.
    Lisa RR

  8. Although Andrew didn’t win his fight against his tumor, they fought hard. My small monthly donation to Fruity Knitting will continue for the foreseeable future.