Thursday, April 29, 2021

Another dry, chilly day. Archie took some water to the plants on the front step. 2774 steps – I ought to be able to reach 3000 before bed.

 The big news is that that package has safely arrived in London – the shawl, the Polliwog, and Rachel’s Christmas present. We are all of us Mileses, I think, agreed on the un-wisdom of anticipating babies too confidently. Rachel is the grandmother of both of the expected great-grandchildren; she will hand things out as appropriate. A Jewish friend told me once of their practice of buying a baby from God when it is a month old. I’ve never heard of that from any other source, but it seems a good idea. She had suffered such a loss – a baby who didn’t make it that far – as we have. Tens of thousands of people have baby showers and all is well – but I’d rather wait.

 Current affairs: I am enjoying thinking about our Prime Minister, going home to his expensively-decorated flat after a hard day of running the country, and saying to his girlfriend – how could he refrain? – “This is all your fault, dear.” And it is. 

But, oh dear! no knitting.


  1. You are spot on about the PM! Us common folk who would like to be able to afford a bit of aspirational JLP furnishing are not terribly impressed with his choice! Serves him right!

    1. You would have thought that £36,000 per year would be enough, and more than enough, for a PM to make his flat comfortable! It’s not S if they were going to e there forever.

  2. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Perhaps he could learn to knit,relieve the stress by producing a nice throw or pair of cushion covers?

  3. Hi Jean, I wonder if the buying from God has to do with Numbers 3:44-51. It has to do with firstborn males, but could easily be extended to all children.

  4. I too am uncomfortable with giving baby gifts before the baby is born. Sometimes it is necessary when you are invited to a baby shower.

  5. I saw a photograph of his new sitting room. Personally I much preferred the John Lewis look.
    I am knitting a crazy little stranded swatch, 144 stitches round, garter stitch border, about a foot long, with one steeked armhole and a slash neck, all to test how to finish neck and armhole for a sleeveless top. What on earth will I do with it when it is done?!

  6. =Tamar6:27 PM

    KirstenM - depends on the gauge. It could be a tea cozy, or a quirky hat. Or put another hole in and make it a dog sweater. Or add a sleeve to the hole, call it a trunk, add eyes, and make it a stuffed toy.