Saturday, April 24, 2021


Another beautiful day, perhaps a bit colder. Helen has gone off to Kirkmichael with an old friend, after a week of very hard work. I think I had better use my last ounces of strength this evening carrying water to the plants on the front step (rather than knitting). I’ve done 2758 steps so far today. Would another 250 be possible? Water is heavy stuff, so I will have to make more trips than would once have been the case.


My shirt came from Toast today. It’s wonderful (and comfortable, and it fits).


Helen is OK. The dr said there have been lots of odd reactions to the vaccine (AstraZeneca, I think). She is undecided about whether to have the second dose. “A Serious Man” (see yesterday) doesn’t seem to be on Netflix, although a lot of Coen Brother films are. I think I may buy it. Searching for it last night, I read several critics, and it was interesting how different their conclusions were. I would say: It is a film about growing up Jewish in the American Midwest (as the Coens did). It is a film about human life. Odd, bad, undeserved things happen to good people all the time, and then you die; but a few good things happen, too. There probably isn’t a God, but there just might be, and if so, He’s unknowable. Shrodinger’s Cat comes into it at one point -- or perhaps doesn’t! It’s a very interesting film.


I have proceeded with “I Vicere”. I’m now further than I’ve ever progressed before, but goodness! it’s long. That’s the thing about Kindle – you have no sense of the size of a book even once it’s in your hands.


  1. Be careful with the watering as you will be using muscles you don't normally need, in the carrying and especially the pouring.

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    I have just found that my local public library has "I Viceré" in English translation! "The Viceroys", translated by Archibald Colquhoun, who translated "The Leopard" beautifully. I will try to catch up and read along with you, Jean.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)