Thursday, April 01, 2021


The sun came out, this afternoon – what a difference it makes! I got all the way to the butcher’s shop by myself this morning, slightly further than once around the garden, if the telefonino is to be believed. 2503 steps so far. I got myself some Easter lamb, and some lovely-looking French garlic.


The sad news is that the corner shop – the London Street Grocery – has closed. They’ve been open 365 days a year ever since we came to Edinburgh. I remember when their children were born, and on a relatively recent (but pre-Covid) visit, saw the wedding pictures of the eldest of those children – spectacular, in Pakistan. I hope I can find an address, and write a note of farewell.


And it means there’s nowhere within my range for fruit and veg. Everything will have to be planned, and included in the order. No more nipping out for a leek or some basil.


n  And since I wrote that paragraph, the doctor’s surgery rang up with an appointment for my second vaccination!

As for knitting, I finished tidying the ends away for the Polliwog. I haven’t blocked it. I sent the order to Jamieson and Smith for the yarns for wee Hamish’s Calcutta Cup sweater, and for a leg-warmer kit. Alas! however. They have recently been posting pictures of Shetland, with a selection of five or six yarns for each. But today I found most of them gone. The names of the scenes were still there, and the numbers of the yarns – but no colour to remind one. I’ve spent enough time there recently that I think I remembered the name of the scene I wanted, but I felt I was floundering a bit and have probably ordered more than I can use. 


I knit a bit on my EPS in random Shetland stripes, just to have something in my hands. See sidebar.


And I both read and listened to “Wives and Daughters”. Audible delighted me by knowing when I’d read a couple of chapters by myself, and starting from that point without being told. Alas, it doesn’t work in the other direction. When I go back to silent reading after some Audible, I have to find the place for myself.


  1. Your cherished shopkeepers - You could take a gamble, and write to the address that they have left, and hope that they have done a re-direct for their post. That should get it to wherever they have gone.

  2. =Tamar3:50 PM

    How very odd, to remove the colour guide and only leave the scenery. I can't imagine what they were thinking.
    Congratulations on finishing the Polliwog.