Monday, April 26, 2021


Cooler, greyer. A few drops of water even fell out of the sky – we haven’t seen that for a while. Not enough to do my nasturtiums any good. 2808 steps – I did the garden alone. I ought to be able to reach 3000 tonight.


Well, the secret of life is to make lists, or at least to write down one’s intentions. I took the tape measure to wee Hamish’s vest, as promised yesterday: I think I’m on target for a 28” circumference. That suggests I’ll want about 7 ½” of knitting on the body before introducing the armhole steeks, and the v-neck  a few rounds later. I’ve written all that down (and am amenable to suggestions). I’ve so far knit about 6”. My plan at the moment is to do all that, and then pause for however long it takes to set some cruise knitting in progress.


And as for that, Helen kindly sat down with me this morning and chose some shoes for me to order. Which has been done. As well as some socks. I think, essentially, that leaves only the cats to worry about.


And the nasturtiums. Helen has just left for the evening, clearly tired – if any watering is going to be done tonight, I must do it. That wiull help the step count.


I’ve pressed a bit forward with “I Vicere”. Eileen, I am very grateful for your suggestion of “The Meaningful Stitch”. I went for a podcast this morning that I had heard advertised on the BBC, and didn’t care for it at all, and fell back, so to speak, on Arne and Carlos. They have their charm. I’ll try “The Meaningful Stitch” tomorrow.


I’m also hoping to make my next batch of kimchi tomoirrow. As in the past, I have left it too late and have been forced to buy in some store-boughten. Despite Korean lettering all over the jar, it’s not nearly as good as mine.


  1. Homemade Kimchi is the best. I am so impressed that you are making your own.

    I love the colors on Wee Hamish's vest. It will be another marvel to add to the collection of your knits to be handed down the generations.

  2. Why not listen to "The Adventures of Miss Barbara Pym" as serialised on BBC Radio?

  3. Hah! You are definitely kimchi-addicted now!

  4. I love the vest. None of the comments I made in the past few days were saved. Not sure why. Testing this one.