Monday, April 05, 2021


Here we are: another week. Helen is back at work in the study, reports her husband to be well, the dog very glad to see him. She brought her middle son Mungo, the Arabist, with her today, and we walked a small distance to see some street art. 2187 steps. Could be worse.


Very cold today. The family reports snow from Loch Fyne and south London; none here.


And I knit a bit of the Shetland striped sweater mentioned in the sidebar. I think I started it not long after finishing last year’s successful yellow EPS, wanting something colourful for solstice knitting, and then got diverted by the forthcoming-ness of all these great-grandchildren. And it will of course be interrupted again by Calcutta Cup knitting – no one would have expected that, in an odd-numbered year! Meanwhile it’s a peaceful occupation – three-row stripes selected at random from a bag of Uradale Farm yarn. I seem to have assumed at the beginning that calculations could be carried over from the previous sweater – and, indeed, it looks a plausible size.


Reading: I have carried on with “The Viceroys”. Audible, wonderfully, is not synchronised with my Kindle this time, so that I can, as hoped, read ahead in Italian, and then listen until I’ve caught up. I like the man who’s reading to me. Maybe I’ll finish, this time. But it’s a very long book. I feel I need something soothing for the times when I am less intellectually ambitious, but haven't found it yet.


Between Me and You, comment Saturday: thank you for the tip. Maybe that could be tomorrow’s expedition with Archie. I’m sorry to hear that McAree Brothers is gone. It was a good (LYS) shop, and I didn’t go there as often as I ought to have. Arne and Carlos were even there once, and I didn’t go. I had had a long, hard day of hospital visiting – but still, I was a lot stronger then than I am now. I did hear them once, “in person”, at the National Museum of Scotand.








  1. =Tamar2:08 AM

    Stripes are restful, aren't they. Entertaining, too, with frequent changes of color.

  2. Anonymous10:16 PM

    A belated Happy Easter, Jean! Chloe