Friday, April 30, 2021


Another beautiful day – another chilly one. I walked alone, sorry to say goodbye to April. Glorious May is too much like spending capital. The wild garlic is now in flower – I must harvest some more. It doesn’t last long, once that happens. 2889 steps – I ought to be able to edge it up to 3000. I did it yesterday.


Life is suddenly very quiet. Helen and her colleague seem to be doing well, and have both gone off for the weekend. My Romanian cleaner is similarly absent, celebrating Easter according to the Julian calendar. I had my Italian lesson this morning, because May 1 is a big event in Rome. Delicious emptiness looms.


I hope I will be able to show you a picture of Helen’s work soon. I don’t dare go in there, because Paradox is obsessed with that room and cats and tesserae aren’t a good mixture. She (Helen, not the cat) is making a floor for a well-known distillery: I don’t know whether they will welcome advance publicity. I’ll confer with her nearer finishing time.


But no knitting. I must certainly do better tomorrow – no excuse. Italian tends to flatten me, but that’s over for this weekend.


And as for reading, I forge forward with “I Vicere”.


Not much to report, in fact.


  1. All cats are obsessed with rooms they are not allowed to visit. All cats hate closed doors. I can't remember how long it's been since I could go to the bathroom without little yellow and brown feet poking under the door.

  2. I finally had time to watch the video of Helen explaining mosaics. And now I want to learn how to do this!!!
    Thank you for sending the link as it was quite good and a fascinating art form.

  3. Jenny1:32 AM

    With the greatest respect. If your Italian lessons wear you out and you're glad when it's over, why do you take them?


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