Sunday, April 11, 2021


Another chill but beautiful day. C. and I got once around the garden. 2539 steps – not bad, for a day of inactivity. I think I feel fine, after my second vaccination. I certainly slept better last night.


I’ve finished the corrugated rib at the bottom of wee Hamish’s Calcutta Cup sweater, and have embarked on the Cup itself, not without a certain amount of tinking. But I think I’m on the right path now.


I’ve finished Roy Strong’s diaries. The energy of the man astounds.


Do you have the New Yorker for April 5 – the most recent, I think? Please read the first page of the scientific article on page 22. The article is about the interesting question of how animals (and birds and insects) navigate, but the opening anecdote is not just about navigation but also about love, and I find it very touching. Cats are rarely given credit for being the affectionate animals they are.




I feel fairly sure, Tamar, that EZ started “Woolgathering” because editors were making her re-write Aran patterns for flat knitting. My memory of Mary Thomas is that she was in the flat-knitting camp from the start. I’ll have a look tomorrow.


Chris, you’re right that Etna is relatively active, as volcanoes go, but that might not rule it out entirely from inclusion in our current group. It’s just outside Catania, where Archie and I were on our most recent Italian trip. It was certainly a quiet lump when we drove past it. There’s no suggestion on Google that Vesuvius is feeling restless (it’s near-by, in geographical terms). Its last major eruption was during the war; I met people who remember that one, when I was taking school trips to that part of Italy.


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  2. I am intrigued that EZ shows how to add a 'seam' to garments knitted in the round. Do you do this? I have a friend who is a superb knitter who prefers to knit flat and sew up; she says it gives the finished garment better structure.
    It is snowing in West Sussex; the biggest snowflakes I have see for some years.

  3. Mary Thomas covers knitting in the round and circular needles, but it is clear that she sees these as only really for certain types of projects. She shows how to construct patterns as though it is dressmaking, so that is where she is coming from. I am Admin on the Aran and Cable Facebook site and it amazes me how, for some, only knitting in the round will do. This is because they hate sewing up . Some find purling problematic because they are Continental style knitters. But to always want to adapt every pattern to top down in the round does strike me as odd.

  4. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Hmm..I'm a Continental knitter and I don't find purling a problem at all. I thought it was just the opposite. Chloe

  5. I see the article in question is by Kathryn Schulz who wrote that article on the probability of a massive earthquake in the Pacific NW, one of the best (and scariest) magazine articles I've ever read. Thanks for the tip. I've always been a dog person, but now we've been taken up by a feral cat who is showing signs of attachment if not affection.

  6. =Tamar3:38 PM

    I could well be wrong. All I know is what I vaguely recall, and of course I wasn't there at the time.