Thursday, July 01, 2021


It has been a beautiful summer’s day, with just a whisper of coolth. It will be interesting to see if any of the US East Coast heat makes its way here in a week or so. I walked around the garden early on, on my own, so that Archie and I could get down to some much-needed paper work when he finally turned up. It’s one of those days when the app refuses to give me proper credit – only 1960 steps, it says.


The paper work produced a problem you may be able to help me with. I have a letter from GMC publications (dated more than a month ago, I am afraid), saying that they will no longer be looking after subscriptions for Designer Knitting. For some unfathomable reason, VK goes by that name here in the UK. The last issue GMC will send out will be autumn of this year. So far so good.


Then they say: “After this date you will be sent copies of Knitting magazine on a monthly basis until your subscription expires.”


“Knitting” is a completely different magazine – a monthly, as implied.


Maybe this means that GMC is giving up both magazines (for I do, indeed, subscribe to “Knitting”). It is important to me to go on subscribing to VK (under whatever name). There is an email address, a phone number, and a website in the letter, but somehow the effort of pursuing any one of them feels like too much. I would be very grateful for any comments.


The interminable sock is, again, slightly forward. 50 rounds.


And Wimbledon continues to be entertaining. In 2018 – I’m sure you’ve heard this, probably several times – Rachel won tickets to the centre court on Men’s Semi-Final day. “Winning” in this case means that she won the opportunity to buy the tickets, at very considerable expense. She invited me to come with her. So as soon as my first Majestic Line cruise was over, that summer, I sped to London. I must have been stronger then than I am now. On the cruise, everybody – even the Americans – were transfixed by the World Cup. All I cared about was the tennis – would Federer be playing in the semi-finals? Alas, he fell at the preceding hurdle.


And what happened that day was the most boring match in the history of Wimbledon. They have changed the rules since, so that it can’t happen again.


I mention this here because both of the men responsible for our dreadful afternoon lost their matches yesterday in straight sets. Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.


  1. The heat has been unusual here in the midwest as well. No strawberries left for Wimbledon. Happy to see that Mr. Federer is surviving well. The NYTimes had an article about him, with video of his big victory over Pete Sampras 20 years ago. I agree that too weak to knit is a worry! Time to see the md.

  2. VK is known as Designer Knitting here in New Zealand. I have tried many times to find a source of subscription but no luck. The only place the magazine seems to be available here is at the library where we can borrow it for a fortnight.

  3. Vogue Knitting is going to 2 issues a year, maybe that is why GMC is going to stop publishing it.

  4. Jean, you are quite welcome to the heat and humidity that has just left the US east coast! We have plenty more where that came from. Have the media there mentioned the 'cold blob'? It's a theory about a blockage in the Gulf Stream.

  5. =Tamar2:29 PM

    Well, that's more steps than yesterday, anyway. We've been having intermittent thunderstorms in MD- thunderstorm, sun, thunderstorm, sun... at least it cooled off a tiny bit, but the humidity is still ferocious.

  6. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I buy the occasional Designer Knitting mag from an online company here called Hope that helps you.