Sunday, June 13, 2021

 I’ve been watching/listening to the tennis for much of the afternoon. I don’t feel that anyone does it quite so well as Wimbledon.


And I’m pretty flat out again. No knitting except for a few sock rounds while I watched the recording of the Andrew Marr show. I succeeded in getting around the garden by myself again – that’s two days in a row.


However, a few of you have encouraged me to go on with an account of my cruise, so I’ll do that.


Here’s Day 4:“Weather not quite so grand, but perfectly acceptable. We've had an interesting day. This morning we went past Gruinard Island which is where they worked on anthrax as a biological weapon during the war. I knew there was such a place -- now I've seen it (from a safe distance). After lunch at the Summer Isles we had tender rides around them because it wasn't prudent to land for various reasons. Our leading birder starts a new list every month and had 13 species for June by lunchtime. Even I have seen a few.


Now we have dropped anchor at Loch Inver. -- still a long way from Cape Wrath.


 Last night at supper they talked about Scottish separation, C. and I remaining silent. It was instructive. 


I managed the tender in good order with careful attendance from the crew. I don't yet know what the plan is for tomorrow. Maybe I'll try again.”


C. and I were silent because our Unionist views wouldn’t have been acceptable.


Here are her pictures from that day.

 That's what the "wilderness" was like -- not heavy afforestation, as I had somewhat expected, but black rocks and lack of vegetation.

Here we are setting out in the tender for the Summer Isles. It used to be easy to rotate an image, but I can't seem to do it now:


  1. You watched the fabulous tennis all afternoon - I too watched it all morning starting at 6 a.m. I was rooting for T but D triumphed in the end - quite a comeback. Excellent tennis from both players.

  2. My husband always says our strawberries arrive with Wimbledon. This year we have a bumper crop! I weeded assiduously last summer and cut them back after they bore fruit. Perhaps that helped. He took some around to neighbors, pleading, please don't make me freeze these...

  3. Anonymous1:04 AM

    Yes, please, more commentary from your trip. I used to dream of going there before children and life generally, but doubt it will ever happen now. I enjoy vicariously. Thank you. Gail from NC

  4. Enjoying your recounting of your trip. Hopeto hear more.

  5. Thanks for the continued description of the cruise. The photos are lovely and the tender looks fine. So happy you had a good time.

  6. I am enjoying your pictures and commentary on the cruise. I admire your ability to have stayed silent when separation was discussed.

  7. I have introduced my husband to the idea of a trip on the Majestic Line and he has now spent a happy hour going down the rabbit hole of their website. Your commentary will be very welcome as I continue to work on him.

  8. Anonymous10:09 AM

    There you are in your blue jacket. Am feeling as though I had been there. Chloe

  9. Were the other passengers from Scotland?