Saturday, June 12, 2021


Thank you for more comforting messages. I walked yesterday with Archie, and again failed to get around the garden. I did perhaps slightly better than on Thursday. But today, by myself, I completed the circumference, and am much encouraged.


It is fun having my old friends here. I cancelled this morning’s Italian lesson in favour of giving them breakfast, and learned that Italian distinguishes between the two English meanings of “old friend” by the position of the adjective – vecchi amici or amici vecchi. The trouble is,  I can’t remember now which is which.


Despite the successful walk, I continue in a fairly convalescent state, and have done no knitting. I did find those socks, though.


So I will have to entertain you with accounts of my cruise. Here is the message I sent everybody on the first day:


“Well, here we are. It has been a long hard but very successful day. We're now sailing out past Ardnamurchan Point and the banging sound from the kitchen is said to be lobsters being prepared for our supper. I don't even think I'm the feeblest person on board.”


I was wrong about feebleness – I was the worst. The second message seems to be missing, except for a picture which I will spare you of the lighthouse on Ardnamurchan Point. Here is the third:


“Today was a picturesque village called Plockton of which I am not sure I've ever heard. I stayed aboard again, saving myself for Inverewe tomorrow but it turns out that (apparently) it won't be open so we are going on to the Summer Isles not far away which I think are devoted to birds. I will do whatever  is on offer as I am feeling rather confined. The skipper means to take advantage of the extraordinary weather to get us to Cape Wrath so then forever more we can say that we have been from Ardnamurchan Point to Cape Wrath. We hope to catch Inverewe on the way back.


C. took brilliant pictures. Here is one of our lunch in Oban, before embarking:

 Oban goes in for that sort of thing.

And here is Loch Sunart, our first mooring, she says. Since my report is missing I can’t comment:

But you can see how remarkable was the weather.


  1. I love these first hand reports for Oban and beyond. Years ago now I travelled to Inverness and Oban and Mull. Marvelous travel.

  2. I am sure that all the good sea air will have been sneakily doing you good. It just takes a while for the full effect to show. It could hardly have been better from the weather point of view!

  3. =Tamar9:47 PM

    This seems to be the time of year for good weather in that area. Years ago I traveled through Oban and Mull and on up the isles, and it was lovely all the way. I'm glad it was pleasant this time too.
    Hooray for a successful walk, and finding the socks!

  4. If Italian is like Spanish vecchi amici would be old friend and amici vecchi would be friend who is old. Of course, that's a guess. Very excited to read about your trip. Sounds like a wonderful time.

  5. Plockton is where they made the tv series 'Hamish Macbeth' with Robert Carlisle as Hamish. I have a friend who holidays there 2 or 3 times a year (not last year obviously).Hope you rally soon.

  6. I was trying to recall the name 'Hamish Macbeth'! The books are written by the 'Agatha Raisin' author, but I prefer Hamish. Thank you for the photos and account, looking forward to the next installment. Glad to hear that you are getting over the effects of traveling.

  7. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Mmm...lobster. Sounds as though you ate rather sumptuously. I can understand feeling confined, but overall I think it must have been exhilarating. Chloe

  8. That Oban lunch looks delicious. I seem to remember very sweet Dublin Bay prawns eaten there on my way up to Skye many years ago.

  9. Plockton is also where they filmed Local Hero many moons ago.
    Kate in London

  10. I am enjoying the trip vicariously. So glad you had lovely weather.