Monday, May 23, 2022

 Things continue quiet. Time goes very slowly and I am determined to put that factor to good use by getting lots of knitting done. I made the acquaintance of a physiotherapist this morning. She assessed me and has promised some exercises. What this place needs is a layer of fit and keen 75-80 year olds. Mercifully, old and feeble as we are, we can sneak off to the Cinema Room in the afternoon and watch the French Open tennis while reflecting on the superiority of Wimbledon. (Grass. White clothes. Order.)

The food is good but not quite brilliant. I was looking forward to serious good brewed coffee. No. It’s fully as instant as in Drummond Place if not more so. And, oddly, they don’t know about salad dressing. They make nice little salads with a variety of leaves, and onion slices, and little tomatoes, and serve them completely undressed.

I have finished the k1b, p1 ribbing at the beginning of Lilias Day. The temptation is to sit back now and let it knit itself.  Alas, that doesn’t entirely work. I don’t think I’ve ever employed twisted stitch before except in Bavarian-type designs, which I love. I very much like the effect here, too. Firm and unobtrusive.

I continue with my little Wordle group, although I haven’t done very well lately. This morning we all scored three, coming at the problem each with his own different starter word. 


  1. =Tamar8:26 PM

    Acceptable instant is far better than overcooked brewed. Do you have a choice of what to watch in the Cinema room? Can you ask for salad dressing?

  2. Who is caring for your cats Jean?
    Maybe you can get salad dressing brought in for you.

  3. Anonymous10:34 PM

    Fit and keen 75-80 year olds are still busy running the country of your birth. They would not imagine themselves as needing a care home for some time yet.

  4. Anonymous5:20 AM

    I expect they removed salad dressing as Unhealthy (includes oil). I agree naked leaves are not the same. Physio and tennis viewing sound good though.

  5. Oh dear, the coffee situation sounds dire. One would expect more from such an establishment!

  6. "Fit and keen 75-80 year olds are still busy running the country of your birth. " Still laughing. If there is no dressing available, perhaps a squeeze of lemon?

    1. Anonymous8:02 PM

      An apt description of our current US government!

  7. Anonymous9:38 PM

    It sounds as though the salad itself is good, just lacking a dressing. They do make a point that their chefs prepare meals from fresh ingredients and that they can arrange to provide special meals and dining for guests. If they can do that then they can provide a bit of salad dressing! Could you ask for some salad dressing, just to put the finishing touch to a tasty meal? The last I heard, olive oil, cold pressed, has health benefits and the tiny amount used to dress an individual salad is not going to cause weight gain!

    Which salad dressings do you like? Say the word and your followers will arrange for condiments to arrive.
    Helen (anon)

  8. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Jean, I am not sure how you would classify your facility by U.S. Standards but here in the U.S. I have visited a friend in an upscale assisted living home - where most of the residents had money - seemed quite "fit and keen" but also continued to care for my 90-plus friend as she eventually slipped into very late 90's dementia. Conversely another friend was relegated to a nursing home (a very different type of place) and was given, distressingly, minimal care and attention. So there is quite a spectrum of care here, and maybe also in Scotland? Chloe

  9. =Tamar6:43 PM

    Also, a bit of oil and fat are necessary for the body to absorb the fat-soluble vitamins.