Friday, May 27, 2022

 Janet, no, I wouldn’t quite say that the time is flying by — but here is a whole week accomplished, so maybe you’re right.

Thank you for your sympathy about the knitting. I read the Harlot’s post — but her problem isn’t quite the same. It is obvious from the pictures that her knitting is relieved by frequent stripes of a different (=non-st-st) texture. All she has to do is count them, to measure progress. Whereas I knit and knit all day, round and round, with nothing to measure progress against except the disappointing evening session with the tape measure.

Six inches this evening. Nothing. My only ambition now is to be somewhere near 14” when I go home a week tomorrow. The sleeves won’t be quite so endless, being smaller of circumference, and the yoke should actually be fun.

I have been supplanted as the “newby”. I don’t know how this place works, except that a lot of people eat in their rooms. Even so, our little dining room couldn’t be all. We were joined at lunch today by Mary, from Harris in the Hebrides, here for two or three weeks recovering from a hip replacement. The operation was a week ago today and she is already striding about briskly on two sticks. She is clear-headed and sound  of hearing, a welcome addition to the table.

Everybody did Wordle in three today, including Rachel in London.  It was rather a difficult one, or so I found it, but there was nothing for it but to get it right or give up altogether.


  1. Re your knitting: you have to remember that you are knitting the whole body of an adult sweater, so of course it will feel as though progress is slow. This is one of the reasons why I prefer to knit flat, because the pieces are smaller and, if Fair Isle is involved, there are natural markers. Do you have no other yarn with you that would be more stimulating to knit up?

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I always put a marker in when I start knitting for the day so I can gloat over it later... I'll leave them in like a colourful little ladder. Childish? Maybe. Whatever cheers me along the way!

    1. Anonymous8:05 AM

      That's me, Kirsten. I don't know why I have become anonymous!

  3. Anonymous3:01 AM

    It took me four for Wordle today. I agree with the stockinette body. It seems endless and then suddenly, I gone too far and have to rip out! I do sometimes put a marker in to judge the day’s progress.

  4. Anonymous3:01 AM

    This new Blogger format for commenting is annoying! Mary Lou

  5. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Does the new Mary have Gaelic? Your travels up that way inspired me to take it up via Duolingo.

    Beverly in NJ

  6. =Tamar9:39 AM

    It's heartening to see someone definitely improving.
    Six inches on an adult sweater is a significant amount of knitting. If Fair Isle is maddening and plain is boring, perhaps your next project should be in stripes.