Tuesday, May 10, 2022


I continue to inch forward. Daniela and I got over to the garden this morning. I sat on the nearest bench for a while, and then we went home again. But it’s a start. How the world is transformed! The daffodils are gone, the lilacs out. I


And I knit a round of legwarmer this morning. Just one.


I had hoped that one of you, at least, would share my care home experience, and was especially glad therefore to see your comment yesterday, Janet. I am planning to take my laptop with me and Tell You All About It, day by day. I’ll have the iPad, of course – which means, incidentally, that I don’t need to take any books. They’ll all be in there. We thought about care for my husband, when he was about at the stage of decline where I am now, and did some mild investigations. Nothing ever came of it. In those days wi-fi provision was something to ask about. Nowadays, it can (I hope) be taken for granted.


Helen is slightly afraid that I will just sit in my room knitting for a fortnight. Here I am forced by circumstances to keep moving about, at least somewhat. On the contrary, I am determined to take advantage of all the physiotherapy and exercise classes on offer. They promise good food, too, and wine with your dinner. 


Helen has how departed for this first of her adventures – a trip to Oxford for the Covid-delayed graduation of her second son Mungo.


  1. Any news about a cat carer Jean?

  2. Oh Jean--I have had company for a while and haven't been able to catch up with you until now. So happy to hear that you are progressing even if it is only "inching forward". Do hope that your attitude and willingness to exercise and do physiotherapy will round you back into good shape. We've all been worried about you. Please thank Helen for keeping us somewhat informed. We missed your updates on the state of your knitting or even of your kimchi!

  3. I have followed along for years silently, this last illness worried me to write. Happy you are pressing forward. Also I can't find your Instagram account

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      The Instagram account is jeanmiles8442

  4. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Dear Jean,
    For two weeks, the residential placement will be an adventure and an exploration. A comfortable room, good food and service, physio and exercise classes, all sounds great! So pleased you made it to the garden. Here in Oxfordshire the lilac has never been so beautiful.

  5. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Dear Jean, I echo JennyS's Comment. It is new experiences that keep us young at heart. Hope you will have fun! Chloe

  6. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Goodness, this care home sounds like a spa. Think of it as such, and it will seem a bit more of an indulgent vacation. The exercise and physiotherapy sound especially appealing, next to the wine with dinner, of course.
    -- Gretchen (aka stashdragon)

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  8. =Tamar7:44 PM

    Two weeks in a nice place with exercise and physio sounds like a spa vacation! One idea: while packing, make a complete list of everything, with ID numbers for the electrics, and have a printout of it at home, as well as on your tablet for ease of repacking. Just so nothing is forgotten.

  9. Over the years my husband has had respite care in different Care homes. Never quite the same as Home,but it can be an interesting experience. Yours sounds a very super place, and I'm sure you will be looked after, wined and dined, very nicely. Do take nibbles and chocolate. My husband always had a little radio so he could listen to Classic FM. Make sure all your clothing and possessions are named.

  10. MaryLou2:42 PM

    Sounds like you have an adventure in store, and perhaps will return stronger and fitter. Other than not seeing interesting sites, a bit like the cruise!

  11. =Tamar1:24 AM

    Would the care home have suggestions for cat carers? Many of their clients must have pets.