Monday, May 30, 2022

 Quiet, you won’t be surprised to hear. 

C. came to see me with her nephew (sister’s son) who is staying with her for a few days. He is a thoroughly nice youth, training to be a nurse, like Archie, by means of a university course. They are each other’s second cousins, I think: I love that sort of thing. Helen will come tomorrow on her way home from the mosaic course she has been teaching near Kirkmichael — if she tests negative.

The knitting went well. The body of the Lilias Day is now 10” if I smooth it down a bit. I’ll try to do a couple more rounds before bedtime to consolidate the measurement. 

Today’s Wordle word is a bit New York Times-y again. Yesterday’s was “bayou” which defeated me and baffled many. Today mine is the worst score in the group, but that often happens. At least I got it.


  1. =Tamar9:23 PM

    Hooray for having budding nurses in the family! I don't know that you need live-in help; you were doing all right with Daniela coming in daily. Maybe one of those 'help' signal gadgets would be enough?
    Congratulations on reaching the ten-inch mark. That's about as much as I do on anything - ten inches makes a hat. Knit on!

  2. Kirsten7:38 AM

    I gave up on that wordle!