Monday, May 09, 2022


Here I still am.


Continuing to mend, I think, although with setbacks. I’m still not knitting, although beginning to feel the lack of it in my day. I feel that’s a good sign.


The big excitement around here is that I am going into care next week – temporary, respite care because Daniela is going home to Romania for two months,  and Helen is shooting off higher and yon, teaching mosaic-making in Perthshire and Greece, having a family holiday in Greece. My care home is impossibly grand and expensive, and I am counting on them for some useful rehabilitation. Since I am spending all that money anyway, I am tempted to buy Kate Davies’ Mooch kit to take with me. To protect myself from the finger-painting class, if nothing else.

I'm worried about my cats.


I had a hole-in-one in Wordle last week. It’s no fun at all.


  1. It is so refreshing to see that you are getting your sense of humor back and wishing to get knitting again. I pray for your complete recovery.

  2. Lovely to hear from you. Are your cats staying at home or going into a cattery? I'm sure they will cope either way. The only time our cats ever make friends or share a bed is when they are forced to share a pen at the cattery. They stay friends too, when they get home again, for all of 24 hours!

  3. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Well Jean - Good luck with the Care Home. I hope they take good care of you. Will you be able to write your blog while you are there? Please we all want to hear from you. Janet in a Care Home in Seattle

  4. Anonymous8:42 PM

    So good to see you posting-thank you! Will be interesting to hear about your new adventures next week. Laura

  5. Anonymous9:24 PM

    So glad to hear from you Jean, as I was about to ask in the comments about your status.
    Will you be in the care home for two months? You might find it a good change. Definitely take some challenging knitting; I can't imagine you finger-painting! Even the thought gives me shivers.
    The cats will forgive you. Where will they be?
    And I hope you can write....
    Sarah (in Manhattan)

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Wordle is the most fun for me when I get down to the fifth try. I think I like the nail biting stage and I really love the "phew!" when I get it on the last turn.
    Ellis-Lynn (in Ottawa)

  7. Anonymous10:23 PM

    So good to hear that you are feeling better. You do sound to be more yourself. I hope you get rest, relaxation and just as much rehabilitation as you want. Of course you should buy Mooch if you want to knit it - clearly the urge is returning. take care of yourself and we look forward to hearing of your adventures.
    Helen (anon)

  8. I guess at our age a care home is an adventure. As you listed what was happening with everyone I was thinking What about Perdita and Paradox?! I am sure all will work out well. I hope you are able to post during your care home vacation but if not I will get to see Handsome Hamish when I check in.

  9. So glad to read that you are well... and a rehab place sounds like a good idea! hopefully you will feel like posting... we are so grateful that you are doing better! (and I echo others questions about the cats care ..)

  10. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Lovely to hear from you. I am sure you will get lots of family visitors in your temporary residence, so if you run short of knitting or books they can raid the flat and bring you fresh supplies. Or indeed you can order yourself a care package of goodies. Be sure to pack all your electricals and chargers so you can keep in touch with the wider world. And your bag of knitting kit.
    When my mother went into care for a few weeks, following a broken hip, her packing comprised a small bag of essential clothes, and four cardboard boxes of her beloved classic detective stories.
    Do let us know if you feel up to visitors, some of us are either resident in Scotland or visiting periodically.....

  11. Mooch is lovely knitting - it's my commuter knitting at present. I hope you enjoy your respite care.

  12. Attitude is all when in a care home. My mother, who was a dementia sufferer, took only a few days to forget that she was not in her own home, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding. My husband's step-mother treated the care staff like servants at her beck and call from beginning to end. But I would pack a packet of your favourite biscuits because you will get the odd meal which is not to your taste. Good luck!

  13. Mary Lou3:19 PM

    Order the kit! You will want a treat and also it will have all the yarn you need. Pack your needles, too! I hope the food will be up to your standards, or Archie will have to smuggle in takeout! I saw a “recipe” yesterday for kimchi toasted cheese sandwich and thought of you. I hope you will have the laptop or figure out how to post on the ipad from time to time. You know how we all enjoy hearing from you.

    1. Anonymous3:53 PM

      Ooh, Kimchi toasted cheese sandwich. I had a few of these in Melbourne while visiting our daughter there. Truly delicious. Thanks Mary Lou for the memory of that treat.
      Sarah (Manhattan)