Friday, May 13, 2022


Very feeble today. 


However, some progress has been made. I’ve ordered the Mooch kit from Kate Davies, and have then begun to worry, rather seriously, about whether I should have had Lilias Day instead, in a less dirt-prone main shade than she suggests.  Something that offers a lot of plain knitting as I just sit there. This thought was prompted by the fact that I have made a bit of progress with the legwarmer. I continue not to enjoy it. Wouldn’t I be happier just knitting peacefully back and forth? Or, better, round and round?


Thank you for all your helpful comments about Care Home life. Yours was particularly inspiriting, Elizabeth, with its suggestion that one can go into care for a bit and actually emerge. I don’t watch television much these days, but am increasingly addicted to Radio 4. I will certainly follow your advice and take my little radio (and some spare batteries) with me.


Mary Lou, I had been thinking about the similarity to a cruise. Sailing from Oban on the Majestic Line to the outlying Scottish islands (highly recommended), there are only 10 or 12 of you and one behaves from the beginning – at least I did – as a member of the group. Whereas at Cramond there will be old – or old-ish – friendships already established, perhaps unwilling to be disturbed by a temporary newcomer. The brochure makes much of small groups; maybe they’ve thought it all out. In any event, I’ll keep you posted.


And it would be interesting to discover how we have all arrived at the same point: well-to-do Edinburgh now, but where did we start from and how did we get here..




  1. BBC radio has an iPhone app that works well.

  2. My mom lives in a retirement community, and recently changed to the assisted living care. She usually tries to sit with new people to get to know them, and to make them feel welcome. (Unfortunately, because of the situation, there is a bit of turnover, and there are always new people to meet.) She is doing well there.

  3. I've often wondered if a good, well-run care home might be a bit like a hotel? Your report will be most welcome!
    And why not take more than one kind of knitting. Round and round with a yarn self-patterned yarn that is pleasant and well-behaved on the needles is very soothing.

  4. Travelling to Cramond will mean that you have no luggage weight allowance! I vote you take a few different projects and that way, you will be sure to have something that you'd like to do.

  5. Anonymous12:36 AM

    Perhaps there will be a knitting group or at least other enthusiastic practitioners. - Can only be Anonymous, but happy Friday the 13 from Mary Lou

  6. =Tamar6:19 AM

    A good hotel is often like a spa.
    Mary Lou, the way my system shows it there is a tiny triangle to click on that opens a menu and allows me to choose "Name and URL"; it does not actually require a URL, and it lets me put my name in. "Edit Profile" comes in there somewhere too. Then I click Continue and get back to the comment field.

  7. My experience of care homes has clearly been at a different level - wine with meals was not a feature. It just sounds lovely and restful as you recuperate from your chest infection. My husband's stepmother found that more showers were expected than she was used to but she enjoyed having others to wash her feet, for example.

  8. the body of Mooch is a really simple 8 row repeat (and can be thought of as a 4 stitch, 4 row repeat offset by 2 stitches each time). I don't think it will show the dirt too much over time (but then I won't be wearing it when doing bicycle maintenance or gardening).