Thursday, September 20, 2007

Another good day. It was autumnal-at-its-best. We went for a little walk in Drummond Place Gardens, the only place we can go without involving some serious up-and-down-hill work, and were generally more energetic than on Tuesday. My husband still isn’t doing any work, but he’s moving about and seems well.


I’ve finished the lace-bin and moved on to handpainted yarn. For the first time since I started this enterprise, I find some yarns there that I can’t really remember or identify.

I now have far more friends on that alternative shore than I do in real life. I love wandering about among their stashes and projects.


See Swapna yesterday on Karva Chauth, the Hindu fast-day for one’s husband. Ketki sent this link as well. No date is mentioned – presumably it wanders through the calendar in search of a full moon. Ketki says she’s never done the fast for Alexander. It’s a full-scale Ramadan-type fast, with no water allowed.

Carlarey, we’re keen on the Duke. We both thought “True Grit” was the one he made when he was dying, and his character in the film was also dying. He comes to stay with a widow who has a small son, and teaches the son to shoot, and rides about in a buggy with the widow, and in the end dies in a shootout which he has somewhat engineered in order not to die lingeringly of his cancer. Maybe that one’s called “The Shootist”? He looked a bit old and stout in “True Grit”, so it must also be a late one.

Miss Alice, thank you for the Estonian knitting symbol page. I’ve printed them out in anticipation of the arrival of the book, lest they slip away, like so much else.

My friend Isobel in NH is campaigning energetically for John Edwards. She sent me this link yesterday to a YouTube clip about his health care plans. Isobel is in it – you’ll recognise her by the knitting.


  1. Is there a day when Indian husbands fast for their wives?

  2. You're right, Jean it was "The Shootist":

    My starter husband was a keen fan; it's amazing how much of a partner's obsessions stay with you - wonder if he can tell a knit from a purl?

    Glad that your other half is on the mend.

  3. Sister Helen2:27 PM

    The Edwards clip is very good and interesting--but no one is knitting in it. Do you mean the nice sweater-wearing woman?

  4. True Grit is the film he won his oscar for. I liked The Quiet Man a little better

  5. The Shootist is the film where the Duke was dying of cancer - I think the kid that follows him around was one of the Waltons.
    Good film, but I like True Grit better - that's the one with the girl called Matty.