Tuesday, September 11, 2007

That VKB sold for $430 – see Angie's comment of yesterday. All the excitement was at the very end. With five minutes to go, it was still $33. In the end, my poor toothless husband encouraged me to bid. I was the underbidder, and have the melancholy satisfaction this morning of having cost the winner a penny or two.

So all our hopes now rest with the magazines in your neighbour’s cellar, Angie.

While on the subject of comments: Emily, I’ve got “Jamieson’s Shetland Knitting Book 2” and I can’t find a pattern in it called “Dawn and Dusk”. I’d like to have a look. Helen, I’ve got the current Rowan book somewhere here, too, I think, and will find the patterns you mention. Never mind taking out a second mortgage to knit with a double strand of Kidsilk Haze – one has already sold the bottom pasture to developers in order to buy the Rowan book in the first place.

Ravelry is down at the moment, being moved to new servers.

I did finish the Princess's fourth centre pattern repeat yesterday, and here we are:


  1. Esther9:23 AM

    Oh, the Princess looks just wonderful! Thank you for the picture.
    The 'Dawn and Dusk Pullovers' are in 'Jamieson's Shetland Knitting Book 3', by Victoria Gibson.
    The pictures, not all that many, on her site are good, www.gibsons.org.uk/knitwear/
    I have the kits for these 2 designs that I intend to finish this fall. I love the colour changes using the 3 yarns at one time.

  2. Watching the bidding for that VKB was like watching paint dry - my final look last night was at the 8 minutes to go mark and it was still at $33. Surely, I thought Jean is going to get it. Later in the evening I looked again - and it was gone! Must have been an exciting last 5 minutes.

  3. Rest assured, Jean, my UK friend, that if indeed my neighbor has any Vogues in her basement/attic you may have pick of the litter!

  4. Esther is bang on, I must have confused myself, googling away. My mother has knit a cross between the two (men's neck, women's size) for my not-very-big dad, and it looks great. Lofty and warm, but not bulky.
    That last-minute thing on ebay is the stuff of sellers' dreams and buyers' nightmares, isn't it?

  5. Princess! she is SO beautiful! and you are doing a wonderful job on her.

  6. Dear Jean, I did not mean to depress you!
    Nine could be the magic number for you, personally I thought 11 might be it, but once I got to 9 I was pretty certain that would be way too big, even for me. Ten will do it for me, but if you want it slightly shorter, and we are only talking about 4 inches in the whole big shawl, then 9 may well suit you better.

    I am not overly tall, but I am thinking my girls will be taller than me eventually, Elizabeth is already quite tall for a 9 year old. These shawls are going to be put away for wedding shawls for the two of them, so I wanted to make them about right for me, then the girls can go a few inches either way.
    Personally, I would have loved to have finished at 9, I would be there right now, with one more little Dalek repeat to knit.
    It really does start to feel a little tedious at about 9 repeats.
    And I promise to post soon to the blog, I know there has been no comment for weeks now, soon though, and some Princess piccies.

    I am blown away at the price for the Vogue mag! Wow. That's a lot of money, and I thought $90 something for the Neibling mags was a lot.

  7. I love your remark about selling the lower pasture.
    I recall purchasing a Rowan pattern book at a time when Shephen Sheard was visiting
    the store. He asked why I was looking at substitute yarns, for the Rowan designs. I replied that having paid the the book, I could no longer afford the original yarns.
    Judith - in Canada