Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thank you for the expressions of goodwill towards my poor husband. He’s still incarcerated. The problem, as far as I can deduce it, is an irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation. My sister says he’ll feel a lot peppier when it has been sorted out.

Tamar (comment yesterday), I wondered about the dental extractions, and told the drs.

We are worried of course about hospital infections, and about how weak he will feel after a few days of immobility. He has taken over management of his insulin injections, not without a certain amount of firmness, and complains of the lack of diabetic-appropriate food. I recommended the vegetarian option – I always go for it, in the air – and I’ll take him some bananas today. He caused a certain amount of fuss at lunchtime yesterday, I think, and after it had died down, Mr Mohammed in the bed opposite gave him an apple, which was most gratefully received.

Alexander is coming over from Glasgow today to see him. It will be a wonderful surprise. We were meant to have gone to Glasgow today ourselves to see Alexander and Ketki’s new flat there, and (in my case) to get to K1 Yarns – which is very near – and perhaps confer tone on my stash by adding some Habu. Another time.

I just spent a moment on the K1 website, after looking up that link. They offer something called “Springy Capelli” which is meant for knitting in with yarns which have no memory of their own – silk, cotton, linen – to give them springiness and prevent stretch. What a good idea.

Meanwhile, still no Princess. I’m knitting something, but 's’a’secret.

Ravelry seemed to go swimmingly this morning -- at first. I have counted and photographed the second plastic bin, 60 skeins and balls of Shetland jumper weight.

When I logged on, there was everything as it should be, including yesterday’s “Shetland jumper weight oddballs”. After I added the second bin, the first one disappeared.

Don't miss the grandchildren-pictures freshly posted to my sister's blog.


  1. I do hope your husband is feeling better soon.

  2. Well, if my patients are any indication, a-fib is not fun at all. I'll add my wishes for a quick recovery, as well.

  3. deidra in VA9:15 PM

    Best wishes for your hubby's quick recovery, Jean. Probably my being an American nurse ignorance here, but a hospital not up on diabetic care, management, or diet?
    Oh, and I came home from a seminar trip to my Ravelry invite! Joy, joy! Now I can go look at all your photos in there first-hand!

  4. Oh dear, the hospital food where I work is horrible for diabetics as well. See if they will allow him to have some food from home, portioned onto disposable plates, wrapped in plastic and ready for the microwave. Fruit- definitely take fruit. Thank goodness for Mr Mohammed!

    Hope he's home soon!