Saturday, September 22, 2007

Another successful morning of Ravelry-stash-adding. I should finish the handpainted bin today, and move on to the sixth and last – it appears to be largely full of Shetland oddballs again (“again”, because we’ve already had a bin of Shetland oddballs) and if so there will be nothing to do except count and photograph. The end is in sight.

“Pitsilised Koekirjad” turned up yesterday – that’s just over 48 hours after Iordered it, and it came from Germany. What sort of language is Estonian? It looks fully as opaque as Turkish. The book appears to be excellent, almost entirely photographs and charts, with sturdy Baltic ladies modelling a few garments and shawls. Estonian lace seems to go in for those little lumps called, I think, “nups”.

I find myself thinking more and more about Kaffe’s “Earth Stripe Wrap” since Helen drew my attention to it while we were talking here recently about knitting with two different strands of yarn at the same time. “Drew my attention to it” Purloined-Letter fashion, for there it is on the cover of the current (42) Rowan magazine.

That sort of knitting is very comforting in the SAD weeks ahead. (SAD = Seasonal Affective Disorder.) And this stash-inventory has revealed enough Kidsilk Haze that I’d only have to buy about half the requirement.

I went so far as to add it to my Ravelry Queue yesterday. Various other people are thinking about it. One person has finished it, using a knitting machine. Hers looks oddly bright and machined. The others are, like me, pulling Kidsilk Haze out of stash and pondering.

Here’s what I’ve got, along with some JaggerSpun Zephyr I wondered if I might include. I’m sure Kaffe would approve.


  1. Estonian is a Finno-Ugric language, in the same group with Finnish, Sami, and Hungarian. I assume it has a fair bit of Slavic influence, but it's pretty clearly not one of that group from what I've seen of it.

  2. Your stash on ravelry is really quite impressive. I am also impressed that you are going through all of it and documenting it-- I don't have the time at the moment, so I am just adding new stash as it comes in.

    I think the wrap would be a lovely project, myself.

  3. Pamela5:07 PM

    I just took a look at the Earth Stripe Wrap and my oh my, it is gorgeous.

  4. Rachel8:18 PM

    I think your colours will be great and the JaggerSpun Zephyr will add to it.