Monday, September 17, 2007

I am more than ever grateful for everybody’s good wishes and sage advice about my husband’s incarceration. He seemed in good health and spirits yesterday – not a medical person in sight, as expected. Alexander is coming over again today (wonderful!) perhaps on the suspicion that I will be too feeble to press doctors as needed.

We have agreed on a variation of Swapna's excellent suggestion – when they finally get down to explaining to my husband as much as they care to explain, with instructions on what to do next, he will ask for me to be there.

Emily, I was particularly grateful for the time you took to write your excellent advice. I will have Alexander read it before we set out this afternoon.

On to knitting…
Or at least, yarn.

I got quite a lot of the lace-yarn-bin photographed yesterday, and entered in Ravelry this morning. Everything went smoothly. That’s an interesting thought, Gail – yesterday’s comment – that the trouble may have been at the Flickr end. Ravelry clearly know knitters well enough to know that there is no limit to be put on stash.

I hope to get the rest of the lace yarn photographed this morning, so that my husband doesn’t have to come home and find it all over the sitting-room floor.

Laritza, thanks for the tip about Librarything. I see that Ravelry’s book page connects with it, somehow or other. When I have finished with stash, I will start in there. I think I have more than 200 knitting books, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Mel, those Sicilian donkeys are sweet. I salute your acumen, in spotting my Ravelry picture as a startling likeness. Here it is, bigger. I’ve forgotton which grandchild drew it – Hellie Ogden I think – but that hip pocket distorted by the eternal handkerchief is a brilliant touch.


  1. Emma in France12:59 PM

    One thing on the hospital food front - you can always take things in. I spent a fair amount of time in hospital while pregnant due to gallbladder problems - I was supposed to have a zero fat diet, the hospital couldn't provide this. I vividly remember my husband bringing in some freshly roast chicken (Tesco's roast in a bag) and some steamed green veggies. It was the best food I'd ever tasted after all the slop the hospital served up.

    I hope that your husband has a speedy recovery.

    Finally, you probably have enough to deal with but have you seen

  2. Maureen in Fargo1:53 PM

    Having just worked the weekend (in the lab) in my hospital here I can attest to the quiet compared to the weekdays! Our hospitalists do show up but only briefly in the mornings, you'd have to be extremely lucky to connect with one.

    I had to laugh at the idea of Alexander thinking you too feeble to push the docs for info...I can't imagine that. LOL

    I love your Ravelry picture!

    Good luck with the docs and hospital and best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband!!!

  3. Love the pocket sticking out - and the clarification - I read it as 'Grandmother (Grandfather's wife)'.

    Always good to have these things checked!

  4. I have seen the link to the Library Thing in Ravelry. But it is not working yet. Having the books cataloged and ready to link to Raverly would be a good first step. Mine are in there already and surprised I am to find out that I don't quite have 200 fiber books yet........

  5. Jean,

    I know I'm behind the curve on this, but I want to add my best wishes for your husband's quick return to good health!

    I was having what I think are similar photo issues with Ravelry. I had moved photos around and made some private. I had to relink them all, but they seem to be working now.

    Sending good thoughts to you both.

  6. Have to agree with Maureen, the idea of you being too feeble to push for info made me laugh as well.

    This evening I took my first art class...apparently Hellie was light years ahead of me as far as classes go!

    More good thoughts and warm wishes for your husband's quick recovery and release.