Sunday, September 23, 2007

I’ve finished recording the handpainted box. The final entry was this oddity – some more Koigu oddballs, and a complete mis-knit Koigu sweater. To think that I ever had grandchildren that small!

It’s something called the Ridged Raglan from an old Knitter’s. I misunderstood the instructions and did the left-hand raglan wrong (it would be on the wearer’s right). I think you can see the distortion in the photograph. The amazing thing is that I stumbled blindly on, hoping it would come right, and finished the whole sweater. (I later knit it again and did it right; it’s a brilliant pattern.)

But the yarn is Koigu, so I can never throw it away. So far, I have entered this picture in my Ravelry stash section, but I discovered this morning that they have a section for disasters (called “ugh”) – I think it belongs there.

My newest friend is The Stash Haus, who has only just joined. She says she’s scared to attempt to record her stash. I say it’s a remarkably useful exercise.

Thank you for the encouragement on the Earth Stripe Wrap. I made an attempt, yesterday, to assign the yarns I have to the color-names of the yarns prescribed in the pattern, but it was impossible. “Trance” “Jelly” “Candygirl” to name but three, are so vague they could be anything.

So I will have to do it arbitrarily, and just ensure, as I knit along – hey! am I going to do this? – that the two Zephyrs are never used together, because of their lack of fuzz.

I am nearing the end of my secret project. It will be good to be out in the open again.

Mel, thank you for the note about Estonian. I was right to mention Turkish, I think, at least to the extent that neither it nor Estonian is an Indo-European language.


  1. Trance is a sea green, Jelly is an acid lime green, and Candy Girl is a dark pink. The awful thing is that I only had to look up one of them.

  2. I was going to be all helpful, but Helen beat me to it. I don't get Rowan, but I looked up the shawl and it looks luscious and warm. I will look forward to seeing your progress.

  3. Dear Jean

    Thanks for a lovely 40mins of blog catching up, although I was sorry to hear that Hamish hs been in indifferent health. Good that he's getting better now and I hope that you'll both be able to get to TCOTU soon for a goodish rest. I, too, loathed hospital foods. They struggled with a gluten-free diet. Philip, bless him, brought in food for me again.

    A few thougts occured to me while I was reading your blog. The AAA, AAB, ABB etc knitting you talked about a few weeks ago: I have a pattern using this technique in "Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living": the 'Sol Y Sombra Sweater'. The pattern used Shetland 2000 yarn. It looked v. intriguing process but I couldn't see me needing such a heavy jumper in in Oz (drought still not broken - pls send us your rain!). Let me know if you're interested in me sending you a picutre of the final product.

    Seeing your Ridged Raglan made me feel better about another jumper I've stuffed up - it has one bat-winged sleeve and one fitted and sagged and bagged everywhere. Oh well, it fit nicely while I was pregnant!

    Tilly continues well and is growing astonishingly. Loved your protrait - Hellie is a most percipient artist!