Friday, September 21, 2007

No more Ravelry news. I have nearly finished emptying and sorting the handpainted bin, and hope to start taking pictures today.

As this process proceeds, I have been collecting a bagful of oddballs to take to a recently-discovered group of charity knitters in Alyth. They received a large initial donation in August, and the new collection is coming on well, with substantial donations from the handpainted box.

Yesterday’s knitting news was the ever-welcome arrival of Wool Gathering. The pattern, a vest, is as elegant an example of Bavarian travelling stitch as you could ask for.

I accordingly ordered some books from the Schoolhouse Press this morning: “Lace Style” which I’ve been mentally hovering-over for some time; “Simply Shetland 4”, however silly it seems to ask it to turn around and come back to Scotland; “Selbuvotter” for my ethnic shelves – it’s about Norwegian black-and-white mittens; and of course “Armenian Knitting”. I have Kaffe’s new book on backorder from Amazon, and Estonian lace on the way from Germany as mentioned here the other day – should be enough to stop me buying yarn for a while.


I’m glad to have the Duke’s movies straightened out somewhat. Thanks.

I didn’t mean to give the impression that anyone was sitting knitting in the Edwards clip. Yes, my friend Isobel is the woman in the clearly-impressive handknit sweater. She says her husband Elly is in there somewhere too, wearing a navy blue gansey – presumably knit by Isobel – but you can’t see the pattern, she says. Perhaps I’d better watch it again.


My husband continues to improve. He was back at the computer-face yesterday, and we went for a slightly longer walk.


  1. I got Selbuvotter directly from the writer - I think it's great. A really well balanced mix of history/background and patterns.

    Glad to hear your husband is feeling better.

  2. I'm glad your husband is doing better! I will look for you on Ravelry!