Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Well, the big news is that Franklin is in Ravelry. It’s true. You can just wander by and look at his FO’s and books and groups – he’s not in the “Dolores Devotees” group, I notice. No stash, yet, either. I feel more than a bit guilty and nervous – a groupie who has snuck in to the star’s dressing room.

I added one more item to my own Ravelry stash, but something is wrong this morning – new server? – and the picture doesn’t show on my stash page. It’s there, all right, if you click on the empty square, but that’s not much fun.

Once I’ve photographed my accumulation of Yarn Yard Sock Club yarns, I’ll be ready for the six plastic bins. This is a useful exercise. I find that the act of getting things out and arranging them for photography has revealed beyond doubt some things that I’ll never knit – well, lots of those – and more to the point, don’t want to knit. Now I must just decide how to dispose of them.

Thanks for the information about merging colors. I found the pattern in Jamieson 3. I remembered the sweaters once I got there, but hadn’t grasped the colour effect. Those Jamieson books are awfully good.

I’ve reached row 13 of the fifth pattern repeat of the Princess centre. Thank you for your note, Kathy (comment yesterday). I haven’t begun to think yet about how big this is going to be, or how big I want it to be. I do know that the only hope for blocking it will be to take it to Kirkmichael and do it on the floor of a biggish room upstairs which serves as a children’s dormitory in August and is otherwise unused. We don’t have that much unencumbered floor space here, and we need the double bed for sleeping in. (Franklin slept on the sofa while his Christening shawl was blocking.)

I’m beginning to wonder about Sharon’s instruction to fiddle things a bit if necessary so as to end with a “complete motif”. Does that mean a complete pattern repeat? That could be difficult, since 46 rows are involved. Or can you just stop after a Dalek or a wavy line?

I'll face up to that problem when I’ve got about 50 stitches to go on each side, I think.


  1. Jean, I am planning on finishing after a Dalek, so ten repeats and one extra Dalek.

    I started doubling the edge pick up at about 7 repeats, and have had to double almost every row since then, to spread it out a bit more you might want to start doubling sooner. According to my math there was stitches enough for 13 repeats, so it sounds about right that I need to double for three to reduce by three.

    I am tempted to finish on a complete motif though as my least favourite part of the repeat is the Dalek, the thought of an extra repeat of them is not bearing well with me right now. It does look to me though that it would all look very neat finished with the extra one though.


  2. LOL! Daleks! I never thought that something so incredibly stunning would have something so sinister. It must be part of Davros' evil plot to take over the universe, starting with the knitters!