Monday, September 10, 2007

Three more rows to go on the fourth pattern repeat of the Princess centre – today should see it done. My husband has some violent dentistry looming this morning, which may distort the day. We have the best dentist in the world. I used to think he was also the most expensive, until my husband had a dental crisis once when we were in Boston, MA.

The bidding for VKB No.1 is warming up. It finishes this evening.

Bavarian Twisted Stitch

I’m glad to hear that Meg is negotiating to reprint the Ehrlbacher books. I remember Candace Strick saying, during the twisted-stitch course I took from her in ‘99, that there was a series of three books in German, and that she was sending her son to Europe to try to find them for her. She didn’t look old enough to have a son aged much more than five. I remember feeling some concern for the poor wee tyke.

While we’re on the subject, I should mention the “Bavarian Twist Saddle-sleeved Cardigan” in “Meg Swansen’s Knitting”. The instructions are in English, and include a lot of sage advice about how to design in this beautiful technique.

Other Knit-Related Topics

Today’s additions to my Ravelry stash brought me to Candace Strick’s Merging Color yarn, which she did for me as a special order a few years ago. This is one I really must promote to a prominent position on the HALFPINT list. I think maybe the colours are too bright for me – I originally intended a basic pullover – but might be recast for a child or two.

The idea of Merging Colors is that you knit with three strands held together, and from time to time change the colour of one of them. Start, for example, AAA, then move on to AAB, then ABB, then BBB and so forth. It means, apart from a lot of skein-winding, that a good gauge swatch and a design that anticipated the precise number of rows in the finished project, would be essential.

Jean (comment yesterday) – I emailed Sam the Ram’s designer, Rita O’Connell, to tell her about his stunning success on the show bench, but the message bounced. Thanks for the nudge – I’ll email Blackberry Ridge today, with a pic.


  1. Merging colours - I've woven several rugs using this technique and they have been highly successful.

  2. The current Rowan mag, 42, has a couple of patterns done with two strands of Kidsilk Haze held together and changed in a similar way to what you describe for colour merging, a wrap and sweater which they call a dress. Double-stranded Kidsilk Haze would require a second mortgage, but perhaps the wrap pattern could be adapted for your yarns.

  3. Mary Lou1:41 PM

    I have a book translated from German called Beautiful Knitting Patterns by Gisela Klopper that has a section on the Bavarian Twisted Stitches called "Patterns from the Alpine Region." I found it used for not much money. It's a small section and the patterns are only charted.

  4. The sweater 'dawn and dusk' in Jamieson's book 2 is done in this manner - looks lovely. A great way of softening colour changes.

  5. I have the Überlieferte Strickmuster series you are talking about, and hope i end up with time this winter to actually implement some of the patterns into a finished object. I really love the look.

    The 'translation' that came with mine was very minimal (half a sheet for the 3-book series). Luckily, i first learned to knit in German, although i only made a scarf at that time, so that helps a bit.

  6. OMG! That Vogue sold for $430 US! I knew you had alluded to the fact that they were very pricey, but $430! I have a little old lady neighbor that might have her entire basement full of these mags. I'm heading over there right away, my kids could use some college $$!