Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My husband is home, and in good shape.

The Letter of Dismissal – a copy of which will go to our GP – makes it sound as if the slight fever which sent us to the doctor last Thursday, was really more or less all that was wrong. There was some atrial fib. but a single treatment dealt with it. He doesn’t need to go on having his blood thinned and being monitored. His heart is in good shape for his age.

So that’s great. We’re both exhausted.

I’ve done some more stash-adding. I’m nearly finished with the lace-yarn bin. I think it will be pretty easy to separate out quite a few I’ll-never-knit-this’s, once the job is finished. And then decide what to do with them.

And then go on to books, if only to see whether I’m right that I have more than 200. Maybe not.

That Vogue Knitting from the late 60’s which I was talking about here recently has come up on eBay: 120162493652. The one with Kaffe’s first published pattern, for a Fair-Isle vest. It’s a British listing but she says she’ll post world-wide. I’ll be watching with interest, but not bidding of course because I’ve got it.

Emma in France, thanks for the link to Year of Lace. Very tempting. Are you in? But one thing about cataloguing one’s stash, it does make it a little bit easier to resist adding more.


  1. Good news re the health of your husband. We had a number of Indian friends when we lived in Bhutan - one friend I remember in particular because she came to our home one evening for dinner but she didn't eat anything because she was fasting "for the health of her husband". Maybe that's just a Hindu custom. Don't feel that you have to follow suit. Keep well- both of you.

  2. Emma in France12:12 PM

    I've not signed up. I just don't have the necessary funds. Plus I've plenty of lace yarn and patterns waiting for me.

    Speaking of which, what's your opinion of multistranding yarn for lace? I picked up three cones of yarn at a local destock shop (they're vey popular in Brittany). The yarn is marked as being made by Lane Borgosesia, is described as Cashwool and has a NM count of 1/43. It is also waxed. It cost eight euros a cone. The cones are huge and weigh 1.19 kg (including the cardboard cone). It seemed too much of a bargain to pass up. I do spin so I could always ply it on my wheel if necessary.

    I'm glad that your husband's home. I'm sure that he'll be back to normal in no time with homecooked food and being back in control of his own wellbeing again. While I love the NHS in many ways, it can have it's downsides - hospital food being one of them.

  3. Fantastic news for you and your hsuband! Get some rest, you need your energy for frenzied blogging or frantic knitting or something like that.

    Janet sparked a reminder of a recent conversation I had with a friend...I'm going to go blog about it now! Thanks Janet.

  4. ann (yet another)8:12 PM

    I'm embarrassed to say that my stash catalogue hasn't even left my office yet. It hasn't even touched the main part of the stash. Yikes!

    Letter of Dismissal sounds like he was thrown out of school. When my Dad was in hospital, someone told me itt would take a week of home recuperation for every day he was in there. So, I hope your husband is up and around very soon.