Thursday, September 01, 2005

Our Revels Now Are Ended

and these our players...

I've used that somewhere before in this Blog, and I don't see how that's possible, as I started blogging only after last year's Games and we don't go in much for revels around here, otherwise. I wonder if a search on "revels" would find it.

We had a grand time, which I will relate in snatches over the days to come. My brother-in-law has made a CD of the pictures he took -- he's good -- and many of them will figure.

For today, we have the usual homecoming picture of my vegetable garden, yesterday; and a sad shot of the last car leaving, on Tuesday -- Helen and her sons, on their way to Thessaloniki via Drummond Place.

No fewer than three sets of people, all related and all very dear, have stayed overnight here since we left last week. Everything is fine, but many things are slightly awry, and we feel much as the Three Bears must have. At least there are no bodies in any of the beds.


Not much was done, while we were in Strathardle, but I have nevertheless taken the now-traditional picture of the current state of the Striped Koigu, and will reproduce it tomorrow. I almost didn't, because it's so boring, but there is not much point in traditions if you don't pursue them doggedly, however boring. Ask any Miles.

Last night I Wallaby'd on, here, and should merge pouch and body this evening. I haven't picked up the Princess Shawl edging yet.

I will have my second cataract operation on Saturday, and have decided that a Baby Surprise is the perfect knitting to take. If it's like last time, there will be a long stretch on Sunday morning while I wait for the dr to come and sign me out, when I will feel well and perhaps not see straight enough to read comfortably and knitting will be needed. So I want to get that started in the next two days. This is the one for the neighbour who is expecting a baby with a bad cleft palate in November.

I will anticipate the Games report to the extent of revealing that my tammy won First Prize in the "Hat -- any craft" class of the Handicrafts section. It's not as satisfying as a win in the Knitting section would have been [I've never done it], but the classes this year (A Poncho, and Best Use of 100 Grams of Wool) didn't appeal, to put it mildly.

And three of my potatoes won Second Prize in the "Three Potatoes" class of the Garden section.

Pictures of all this will follow if you're patient.

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