Thursday, September 15, 2005

Back to real life.

That's a picture of the current Wallaby, with its first sleeve attached. Real life consists not only of boring pictures of knitting instead of interesting pictures of people, but also of the fact that early-morning photography is now bleached-out by the flash, and will remain so for at least six months.

On a brighter note, the first of the 2006 seed catalogues arrived yesterday. Whoopee! Mostly it's for reading at Kirkmichael and slowly, thoughtfully making a list to send in in Jan or Feb, but I had a little peek yesterday and can tell you that there are lots of Interesting Introductions, as we say in the seed business. Making that list is a great consolation in the dark weeks ahead.

Thank you, Heidi, for your help with the problem of how to let the world know, via Google, that my website provides some suggestions for knitting a First Holy Communion veil. I know a wee bit of HTML, and I have a rather simple-minded book on the suibject as well as a simple-minded web-authoring program. I'll have a go, and report what happens.

I'm working on repeat #81 of the Princess Shawl edging. EIGHTY-ONE! I'll stop very soon and spread it out for the Big Count, to see if I really have knit as many repeats as I think I have. It'll be the last time it will be seen, other than in Totally Scrunched-Up form, for many and many a month.

Demon is having problems this morning with its Pop3  (=email) machine. But at least I can connect easily, and thus discover from their website that engineers are working on it. This is too soon after the last time it happened.



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