Sunday, September 25, 2005

There's the striped Koigu I'm knitting at Kirkmichael. I had hoped to finish that sleeve, and am in fact within three rows of the end. I'll pick up stitches around the sleevehole and connect it with a three-needle bindoff the next time we're there.

The neck will be finished with a placket and a ribbed collar. I've got the latest Knitter's in position in the Burnside knitting drawer, with what looks like a promising article about collars. And the VK book, for the its bit on plackets. But there's another sleeve to do before the commencement of these delights, of course.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

I did count the edging repeats for the Princess Shawl again yesterday, and there are 85. So that's a relief. I counted each section as I knit across, marking the last point counted with a coil-less pin, moving it each time, and writing down the answer. The hardest part was adding up the column of figures at the end, but the majority of attempts came out at the hoped-for answer.

I'm now knitting the row of holes.

Joe mentions, in his comment below somewhere, the difficulty of embarking on a project like this when you want to have something to show in a Blog, day by day. It's a problem all right, but I refuse to let the tail wag the dog. I'll just have to post pictures of grandchildren and saucepans. My real, at least potential, problem with Blogging is the impossibility of knitting something secret for any of the people who read regularly.

People compliment my lace knitting, and I am touched and grateful, but there's really nothing to it. K2tog, yo, and an attitude of mind that doesn't look forward to the finish. The sacrament of the present moment, maybe.

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