Monday, September 19, 2005

Look that that!

Counting stitches while I picked them up, trying to get exactly ten from each repeat, soon proved to be far too difficult, so I just sat back and slid the needle through all the stitches. I now have to do four plain rows, which should give me plenty of time to adjust the count, add the required 15 extra stitches hither and yon, and get the markers in place for the pattern repeats. Then a row of holes, then four more plain, and then the fireworks start.

I can see just from the few plain stitches that I knit last night, that this thing will soon become -- has become -- close to an obsession. I have sort of decided to do the nine rows just described and then perhaps four rows of lace, to get the patterns set, and then STOP and deal with the Wallaby and the Baby Surprise. Otherwise I can see I am on the slippery slope back to multiple wippery.


I mentioned, I think, that Sheila had tipped me off about a KF kit on Ebay which I couldn't bid for since I didn't have an American address. Well, it didn't sell and was re-offered and I wrote to a dear friend in Washington state and asked her to bid for me. Meanwhile Alexander, who trades somewhat on Ebay although not usually in knitting wool (the works of Edward Gorey are his speciality), offered to bid for me. (He's not meant to read the Blog, but sometimes does.) When I hadn't heard from my friend by last night, I told him to go ahead. This morning, an email from Gail -- she's already put in a bid on my behalf. I have visions of them bidding frantically against each other.


I meant to say thank you yesterday to the people who straightened me out on Queer Joe and the Curmudgeon -- they're not brother and sister, after all. I knew they were real-world friends, and indeed my real-world friend Selma of Woodstock is also a friend of theirs, and crops up occasionally in Joe's blog. So I'm glad to have the relationships clear. It is Selma who told me -- I think I've mentioned this -- that in real life Joe is more curmudgeonly, and the Curmudgeon less so, than they appear in their Blogs.


We're going to Kirkmichael today, and will be back on Friday if all goes well. Blogging to be resumed on Saturday.




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