Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Janis W. asked for a better picture of the tammy. There it is. The pattern is from Starmore's "The Fair Isle Knitting Handbook", the tammy from the "Tammy, mittens and gloves" set with colours somewhat modified to accomodate what I had in the stash. Janis, please write to me at jean@jeanmile.demon.co.uk -- I seem to have lost your email addy when I upgraded the computer. I'd love to talk to you again.

Yesterday I finished Repeat #69 of the Princess Shawl edging, and moved a bit closer to the armpits of the Wallaby. I should be in position to cast on a sleeve today. In the morning, my husband had a routine diabetes appointment, which always involves a lot of sitting. (He likes me to go along.) I took the Baby Surprise instead of the usual sock, and made good progress. I have now reached that interesting ten-row section where you both increase and decrease in the same row and the object, no matter how many times I do it, becomes completely incomprehensible.

The Games

Helen sent me some nice pictures from Thessaloniki yesterday, and I'm still waiting for my brother-in-law's CD-ROM from London. But today's pic is one of my own. Last year we entertained ourselves taking pictures of a lot of silly sub-sets of our party: People With "Edward" in their Names; People Wearing Kerry Tee-Shirts, etc. This year, we did only one: People Wearing My Knitting.

[At that, Alexander managed to escape and will have to appear separately tomorrow.]

There are, from left to right, Kristin B., nephew Theo's girlfriend, in the mohair scarf I knit to celebrate her graduation from law school earlier this summer; Theo himself, in his striped Koigu, with Mungo Drake, Helen's middle boy, in his striped Koigu [he admired Theo's while it was being knit]; my husband, in socks; Thomas-the-Elder, in socks; and Rachel, wearing both the Fair Isle jacket which occupied me last winter, and socks.


The new eye seems fine. My left heel is much better, too.

Yesterday in the early evening I was in our corner shop buying some vegetables. Mrs Hussain had been putting some new arrivals on the shelves, and broke off to serve me. A young man siezed the opportunity to grab a carton of cigarettes and run out of the shop. Much shouting in Urdu and pursuit by a handsome young man who suddenly emerged from the back premises, but the theif got away. Seventy quid's worth, Mrs Hussain said.

The interesting thing about all this is that he was wearing a tightish shirt with horizontal stripes on it, just like all the burglars in cartoons.

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