Friday, September 30, 2005

That's where I'm leaving the Princess, for the time being. Six rows done. And I could clearly hear Sherazade whisper to me yesterday, Just one more; row seven looks interesting. But Providence delivered a nudge in the form of a meeting with the neighbour whose wife is expecting the baby (with a bad cleft palate) for whom the Baby Surprise is destined.

"How is your wife keeping?" I asked. "Four more weeks!" he said. Four? There we stood, in September, and it's not due until November. Maybe four and a half. Anyway, I knit Surprise last night, and it shouldn't really take much longer. I think all the previous knitting of it was done the day of, and the day after, my second cataract operation. All went well, and I was perfectly comfortable throughout, but the piece has medical connotations for me now which make it hard to love.

I forgot to thank Lorna yesterday for sending me this link: I know the site, although I've never ordered yarn from it. And she's right, this is probably just what I want for the long cardigan which is bobbing around in my head, so to speak. And the suggestion of Guernsey wool has put me in mind of a couple more books on my shelves which I'll have a look at for pattern ideas. So, thanks.


I continue to be plagued by the Mytob virus. The persecution has gone on much longer than usual. I get about a dozen of them every day. I'm sure Norton is holding it at bay; it's a nuisance, though. I looked it up this morning, and it doesn't seem to want to do much more than lodge itself in one's computer and replicate itself. Maybe the owner of the machine which is persecuting me doesn't even know it's there.


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