Wednesday, September 28, 2005

There were two posts to the Heirloom Knitting group this morning from people who have finished the first border chart of the Princess Shawl. That is, they're about 1/3rd of the way through. Both said that it is vastly easier than the edging, which coincides with my experience. One of them said that a row a day is about what can be achieved, which also coincides. One of them said she had been taking it with her as commuter knitting -- that I can't imagine.

Today's photograph is of a Reading Machine we bought in an antique shop once. It has been standing unused in the sitting room for a long time. The idea was supposed to be that I could use it to prop up a book for reading while I was knitting. Theoretically that is feasible, but of late I don't seem to be very good at reading while knitting. However, yesterday I decided it would be perfect for holding the border charts. And so it is.

I'm now on Row 4.

I ordered some books from Interweave yesterday -- somehow, that doesn't seem as vicious as buying yarn. Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks, Knitting in Estonia by the same author, and Pam Allan's scarf book. A report will eventually follow.


I got the income tax return into the mail as hoped. More than in other years, I think, I had the most glorious sensation of freedom and renewal, as if I had finished sitting the exam, or the scan had come back negative. Life will, undoubtedly, rear up to overwhelm me again soon.


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