Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Six more rows to do of the 79th repeat of the Princess Shawl edging -- only six repeats and those six rows left to go. And I got the Wallaby sleeve finished, but not attached.

Computers and Their  Problems

My connectivity difficulties finally sorted themselves out yesterday afternoon -- I can now, again, log on briskly and cruise around at my normal speed, scornful as my high-tech relatives may be of what that consists of. Even so, I struggled without success all day yesterday to upload the picture of Mungo and his rocket. No trouble at all, this morning -- it's now there, under today's date, below this message.

Heidi, thank you for your suggestion that I might be suffering from spyware, a constant anxiety anyway. I will have a look at the programs you suggest. I am, incidentally, being plagued by a virus called W32.mytob.EA... which can only afflict people with their own domain name. I think Norton is holding it at bay successfully, but it's a bore, because there are lots of them and each one is big and takes a while to download before Norton zaps it.

Judith, thank you very much for the news that if one Googles on "Tessa Lorant" one soon comes to my page with Lizzie Ogden's First Holy Communion veil. ( If one Googles on "knitted First Holy Communion Veil" one does not find it, at least not in the first four pages of results. I tried again yesterday. I feel that anyone -- there won't be many -- who Googles on that phrase would want to see my effort. There are no printed patterns out there that I've ever heard of, for such a thing. I believe there are ways of embedding invisible keywords in a webpage so that search engines will find them easily, and perhaps one day when the work's all done this fall (=never) I might try that. (The connection with Tessa Lorant is that the veil is based somewhat on the knitted wedding veil in her book "Knitted Shawls and Wraps".)

The Games, Again

But I think this is the end.

In the evening, after the group photograph which you've seen, I offered the prize-winning tammie to anyone who wanted it. I didn't really feel it was quite me. Hellie Ogden claimed it -- she's the one who's just gone off to begin her course at Newcastle University. That is a picture of her wearing it, with her father, our son-in-law Ed Ogden.

In the morning of Games day, there is an agricultural show in the adjoining field in which cattle and sheep compete in classes with names like "gimmer" and "stot" whose meanings I still don't know after all these years. I didn't even get over there this year -- see one sheep, you've seen 'em all, I feel. But my brother-in-law Roger did, and I offer his picture of one of the contestants as a farewell to the subject.

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