Saturday, September 17, 2005

What a lot of people there are in the world who can write well. Here are two more knitting blogs: and And has a great picture of the President, if you scroll back a day or two.

Not much to report. I had hoped to finish Repeat No 83 of the Princess Shawl edging yesterday, but the Tiredness Thing hit. We're going to Kirkmichael on Monday, insh'Allah. I should have it done by then, and can thus stage the great stitch-picking-up ceremony when we get back. So the ribbing on the second Wallaby sleeve is nearly finished instead, and I also had a peaceful hour at an auction yesterday and made good progress with the current socks.

The Wallaby pattern which the Sweater Wizard generated for me does the top with a few, separate decrease rows, with plain knitting in between, instead of constant decreasing along faux raglan lines. Makes a change. I'm thinking of inserting a simple knit/purl pattern between the decreases. I did that for the bottom of Mungo's striped Koigu, instead of ribbing, and liked the result. We shall see.

Everything seems intensely boring this morning.

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