Saturday, September 08, 2012

Again, litle to report – but we’ve got a picture:

As you can't quite see, because it disappears off the top of the picture, I have nearly turned the top corner, and should today start along the back. The camera did better this morning with the wonderful colour.

The dangling piece is becoming something of a nuisance, and will become more of one, but otherwise I am pleased with the way things are going. No moth damage yesterday, either – sometimes, as I am sure you will understand, as well as finding actual breaks when I am winding the skein, I also encounter frayed passages as I knit, which must be broken and rejoined.

None of that, last night.

I have been thinking for some time of knitting Rachel’s husband Ed a weekend sweater. Yesterday I spent a few moments over at Jimmy Bean’s – and found the yarn. It’s called Firewood. I wonder if it’s new since I last shopped for madeleinetosh? The only question will be whether to go for DK, or to prolong the pleasure with sport? And I need to get someone to measure a current sweater of his with some care. Is Rachel up to it? And to think that I had him here, in a casual sweater, only a couple of weeks ago.

New topic. Does anyone have any experience of Craftsy? Somehow I have put myself in the way of getting endless solicitations from them, and sometimes I am tempted. It's a good idea.  I am always suspicious because they constantly advertise “25% off” without saying, Off what? (Although in fact, when you persevere for a screen or two, it turns out not to be very expensive.) Today it’s a sock-knitting class with Donna Druchunas. But can she teach me anything?

It doesn’t look as if I have much hope of ever getting to a knitting class again. This might be an acceptable substitute.

Helen and I were talking rather wildly, at Strathardle recently, of her coming over for a weekend in November so that I could go to Franklin’s class on November 18 at Loop on Knitting Vintage Patterns. Or his Lace-Knitting class the same day. Or both. But it would be pretty ridiculous for her to come all the way across Europe just for that, and the days of the week when there are direct flights from Athens to Edinburgh don’t quite fit requirements. And it might be hard on my husband for me to go waltzing off to London when he no longer can.

So we probably won’t do that. 


  1. Go see Franklin! Helen or someone else can tend to your husband. If he's miffed by you going, he'll get over it in a bit.

    You'll enjoy the will recharge your batteries for the coming winter.

    Plus, the resulting bog posts will entertain all of us.

    Please go.

  2. Oo,Jean! How do you find out about these things? I've just booked myself in to Franklin's lace class on the morning of the 18th. It would be wonderful to see you there.

  3. Franklin is such a fun teacher - you should definitely go, if things can be organized in your favor.

    As for Craftsy, I took Caro Sheridan's photography class and found it helpful and interesting. Not sure about the knitting classes, but I bet they are pretty good. There usually are reviews of the classes so you can see what other students thought of them, and you can access them "forever" (whatever that means in the internet age).

  4. rosesmama1:41 PM

    You have been wanting to meet and take a class with Franklin for a long time. He would love to meet you. Helen can also visit her son, which will make the trip for her more reasonable. You should go.

  5. Oh, Jean, I am with the other commenters on this. Please go to Franklin's classes!

    It strikes me as a great opportunity for Helen to see Archie and also to hang out with her father, which she probably doesn't often have time to do.

    It might be hard on your husband, but it seems so important to me that you give yourself this freedom and delight, and if you do, the energy it gives you will also help your husband out in the long run. Every carer needs to also nurture her own soul.

    Plus, you know, we can't wait to read about it!

  6. I've tried a Craftsy class Jean, a gift from a friend. I didn't really expect to learn anything new but I did. In fact I'm going to enrol on another. They get 10/10 from me.

  7. Robin3:44 PM

    Being a caregiver can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Occasionally you can ask friends and family to do something extreme like fly in to give you a break. Maybe it isn't this time, but I highly recommend that you put yourself first now and then. Accept help from other people, even if it puts them out a bit.

  8. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Oh please go take your class or classes with Franklin. You take such good care of your husband and everybody needs a break occasionally. I have never written you a comment, but have been lurking here for a few years. By the way, my wonderful daughter lives in Edinburgh. We were there visiting in late May and early June. Love your city and love your blog.

  9. Sarah JS12:34 AM

    Taking a class from Franklin is wonderful. So I'm singing with the choir (above) on this.

    I flew halfway across the US so my father could go see the "other older granddaughter" graduate from highschool (I went to their house to stay with my limited mobility mother). Yes, lots of travel. But worth it over all when the joy of grandfather/granddaughter sharing graduation was accomplished AND I got some "extra" unstructured time with my mother.

    Do hope you make it work out for you.

  10. I am in agreement with all the previous commenters. Go!! It sounds like a fantastic opportunity and just think of the lift this will give you as winter is setting in.