Tuesday, September 25, 2012

All went well, and here we are safely back. 

The weather was remarkable. We drove up on Thursday in steady rain. We drove back yesterday in more, and worse – Catullus’ caeli furor aequinoctialis. Same again, today. In between were sandwiched three days of September perfection.

We got our little tree planted.

The man who built its house had dug a good, deep hole, so it has plenty of weed-free friable soil below and around it. My husband – wrongly – believes that you shouldn’t include garden compost or well-rotted manure in a planting mixture as it is “too rich” for a young plant. But I did at least carry up two buckets-full of good soil from my vegetable garden. The old carpet was added to suppress weeds.

On Saturday I went to Pitlochry and met Helen and Archie off the Edinburgh train. Trains from the south come in on the far platform. Often and often in the last 50 years I have stood there watching from below as the new arrivals walk across the little bridge, looking for the ones I love. It was fun to do it again.

I guess if you’re in a wheelchair you just don’t get off in Pitlochry.

Archie is in good spirits. Clearly boarding-school scores something better than Tolerable on the Life-Experience scale, and some aspects of it are even fun. I won’t see him again for a while – he’ll go home to Athens for the fortnight’s holiday at half-term. (All Scottish schools do that – it’s a tradition which has something to do with freeing up child labour for the tattie harvest.) And to his other grandmother for the November exeat. And back to Athens for Christmas.

I re-engaged with the Japanese shirt while we were there, but it’s slow work, sock yarn in garter stitch. Should I bring it back here? Another successful evening with the mitered jacket yesterday. It’s looking good.

Helen C.K.S. has posted a new blog entry.  I’ve seen her Navigator sweater before (links are in her post) but this time I can feel it speaking to me. I like the idea of distressing it, too. Could I bear to knit with cotton?

And she’s posted another terrific cat video. 


  1. Welcome back. I'm sure the poor little tree appreciated the better soil.

  2. =Tamar10:32 PM

    Trees need good soil but they also need to send out long, deep roots. Too much fertilizer on the surface leads to shallow root systems. So say the garden books I read long years ago. I hope the fence is tall enough to keep the critters away from the tree.

  3. All Seasons Cotton isn't all cotton; it's 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. I usually regard acrylic as the work of the devil but it works well here, makes the cotton soft to handle and very comfortable against the skin. You do have to wash it at 30 degrees instead of 40, and garments made from it expand widthways instead of getting longer, but it's a very nice yarn to work with and to wear. It's a favourite of mine. The colour is 239, Jacuzzi.