Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All well. Helen got safely back to Athens on Monday night. We dropped her at the airport on our way into the city. Fitting two extra people and their luggage into the car in addition to me and my husband and the stuff we normally carry back and forth, was a miracle of engineering, all due to Helen.

There is no flight to Athens from Edinburgh on a Monday. She had to fly to Brussels in an itsy-bitsy airplane, and on from there. Archie and I figured out from the Edinburgh Airport website later in the day that the little connecting flight had taken off an hour late (due to atrocious weather, presumably), and from the Brussels Airport website that she still had an hour to make the connection.

That should be plenty of time, I said. You haven’t been in an airport recently, said Archie.

In fact, it was very tight. She ran, and got through the door as it was closing. But she got there.

It was wonderful that she could come. It must have been nice for Archie to see her, after his first weeks of living away from home. And a terrific lift for her, to see him in such fine fettle. And we had that amazing weather. 

I have pretty well recovered by now from tree-planting and general not-very-strenuous bustling about, but it took a moment. One begins to feel one’s age.


I’m nearly half-way up the fill-in bit of the Mitered Jacket. There seem to be two fewer stitches on one side than on the other, waiting to be knit in, despite conscientious counting and re-counting. That is pretty well what always happens, in my experience, and I think the discrepancy will be fudge-able.

I love the way the fabric looks. With that in mind, and my continued satisfaction at my husband’s green v-neck vest, I wonder if after all if “Firewood” is right for Ed’s Gardening Sweater. Should I go for something solider, less variegated. Hickory? There are a million colours, most of them wonderful, but one is limited in practice to what Jimmy Bean has in stock.

Maybe I’ll run the problem through the Sweater Wizard today, guessing at size, and try to get an idea of how much yarn I’ll need.

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  1. When you visit Franklin, have a look at the MadTosh at the Loop. I believe they do shipping, so you can avoid the Customs charges you pay with the JimmyBean's a thought