Thursday, September 27, 2012

I have lost a follower!

And I have used up almost all today's blogging time attending to correspondence.

The jacket progresses well. The next excitement will be dividing at the underarm. That moment is not far off, although perhaps not this evening. Quite soon after that I will have to graft the live stitches I am knitting on, to the lower edge of the top garter-stitch border which is of course not live. The instructions seem to glide over any possible difficulties. Presumably I proceed as if both elements were st st? Do you think I should knit up stitches from the border first, or just try to graft into the ridges as they present themselves?

Having got myself started on the subject, I spent some time with Jimmy Bean yesterday. I think I will go ahead and order Ed’s yarn, although I can’t start the sweater until I myself have measured a favourite sweater of his, and I can’t do that until mid-November in association with Franklin-at-Loop.

Thank you for your suggestion, Lou, that I buy the yarn at Loop that weekend. I had a look at their website just now. Loop doesn’t stock madelinetosh sport yarn, but they have a much bigger selection than I expected of DK. While I was at Jimmy Bean yesterday, I ran my requirements through their yarn calculator. It said I’ll need nine skeins of sport yarn, which seems rather a lot given that Ed is very fit and not very tall. But I can’t bear worrying, and this is going to be expensive anyway.

It might be worth taking a moment to re-do the calculation for DK, though, and then looking again at the selection at Loop. At Jimmy Bean, I’ve narrowed it down to Firewood or Cove or Hickory or Well Water. Susie most kindly wrote yesterday to say that she lives near the factory outlet (no discount, alas, or we would all move to Texas) and would get me anything I wanted.

It was incredibly kind of her, but I think any more choice would simply paralyse.

I will certainly buy something at Loop when I go to Franklin's classes, as a souvenir of a going-to-be-wonderful day.


We found last weekend that the deer had been back, in force. We have never had them anything like as bad as this. There was an item on television last week about some people called “poachers” who will come and take away your deer for free. Alas, there was no mention of how to get in touch.

I had hoped for an end-of-season sorrel soup, but they had had that. And the autumn raspberries. They still hadn’t got into the vegetable cage, and we had a pleasant dish of broccoli from there. I will have to think hard about every square inch of that space for next year. I think the crop I most missed, of those the deer ate, was mange-tout peas. Followed closely by broad beans. Both heavy on space. 

Deer don’t like rhubarb or potatoes or Jerusalem artichokes. Or, needless to say, Good King Henry. That’s a start. They nibbled my bunching onions without doing much damage – that could change as the weather gets colder. 


  1. Anonymous9:51 AM

    I really envy your trip to Loop. my 'visits' are confined to the website. We were so near to it at the end of September, when we went to London for a weekend. However, it was a treat for our 6 year old grandaughter, and Lion King and a trip to Hamleys were on rhe agenda. She (and my husband) would not have appreciated a diversion to Islington while Nanny spent a very long time in yet another wool shop!
    Liz Phillips

  2. My ticket for Franklin's class has arrived! It is beginning to feel as if it might really happen. What do we know about eateries in the area?

  3. It has been dry dry dry here. My husband has been faithfully watering the raspberries, so we are still getting them. We don't have the sport wt at the Yarnery. I just went and looked at the new (lovely) website, and the Madelinetosh DK isn't even there, perhaps because it goes in and out so fast.

  4. Isn't it perplexing when you lose a follower? I have had it happen a couple of times and it always leaves me feeling a bit deflated.

    I meant to leave a comment yesterday to let you know The Loopy Ewe sells Madelinetosh, but jet lag still has the better of me and I forgot. They have a fairly good assortment of colours right now.

    And I laughed when I read about the "poachers." It sounded like hit-men, only for deer. :-)

  5. Catriona11:32 PM

    You realise that as well as your "followers", you have people who subscrbe to your blog via a reader such as Google reader? There's 225 of us there, you know!

  6. Donice11:55 PM

    And there are people like me who just read your blog every day, and look forward to it very much, with no intervention at all!

  7. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Maybe there is a ratio for a follower similar to a radio listener - everyone who makes a complaint or compliment used to be considered by the network to be representative of 1000 people. (I think for television the number used to be 10,000.)
    Sorry I am not a follower either - but I check the website faithfully daily.
    Lisa in Toronto