Sunday, September 16, 2012

That was a kind remark of yours, Mary Lou, about liking to see your name in print: as a consolation to me for not being able to figure out how to leave comments on comments. I continue cross at myself for failing to figure out something that other people can figure out. But if I succeed, it will create a new problem for days like this one, when the only knitting news is that I knit 12” of garter stitch strip yesterday and if I can keep that up, I’ll finish the strip and reach the grafting-point today.

I wound a skein of yarn yesterday. The last one, remember, was intact. This one turned out to be the worst so far. Depressing. I hope I’ve learned a valuable lesson about moths.


I was wandering about an old Twist Collective yesterday, and found this, by Kate Gilbert:

I like that a lot – but negative ease? I think not. If one just made a larger size, and left out the “subtle waist shaping”? I looked at other people’s projects on Ravelry, and they all seem to have gone with negative ease. It’s in reverse st st, which would tend to pull in anyway I think. I can remember my surprise reading in Mary Thomas’ Knitting Book long ago the difference as fabric between st st and reverse st st. So turn it inside out?

I have a vague feeling there was something in the Vogue Knitting Book in the 50’s with stripes that narrow. I love it. The pattern specifies a yarn I don’t know, Takhi Yarn Dove, but the gauge is only 18 sts to 4” on a needle a size larger than the one I’m using for DK at the moment, so it couldn’t be too daunting.

Rachel phoned yesterday, and I think we’re all set for the weekend involving November 18 and Franklin. She and Ed will come here – if that’s the way it goes – on Friday after work, and not go back until Monday. So I could stay in London Sunday night (the 18th is Sunday) and take an early train back the next morning.

It would be delicious to have 48 hours of irresponsibility. But the Bronze show has opened at the RA, and it is clearly something very remarkable. It would be a shame for my husband to miss it if getting there is physically possible for him. As I’ve said, I think, we’ll postpone that decision for a month.


My only excuse for including this is that I found it in a knitting blog, the Mason-Dixon knitters. It’s Merle Hazard, “everybody’s favourite financial crooner”, on the subject of the Greek Debt Crisis.  (Skip the text and scroll down a bit for the video.) Who would have thought there was a Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, complete with the chryselephantine statue of the goddess?


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    As a teenager in the early 50s, I started knitting a pinstriped shirt from VK. It was stocking stitch, in very expensive wool - perhaps Munrospun? - and very fine. It might even have been made sideways, as I remember the stripes as being vertical. I never finished it, but the wool is still somewhere in my attic.

  2. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Kirigami has been in my Ravelry queue for quite a while now - thanks for the reminder to see what other Ravelers have made of it.
    -- Gretchen