Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rachel sent it to me this morning, forwarded from Thomas-the-Elder.

Good progress continues on the mitered cardigan. I have started turning the final corner. Next comes the interesting task of assigning a size to the circumference. The pattern mentions the possibility of “tapered” for the all-over shape. I think we can rule that out to begin with.

I looked up “Around the Bend” and, as I thought, no provisionally cast-on stitches were involved. You abandon live stitches at two points, and when you have gone around the bend and got back to them, you graft. I’ve looked through the technique pages at the end of “Knit One, Knit All” and there is no reference to the offset problem. There probably is no such problem. But provisionally-cast-on stitches do not exactly correspond to the live stitches that set off in the opposite direction. They come in the spaces in between.

Although I take your point, Allison (comment yesterday). We’ll just have to see what happens.

And now I’ve run out of things to say. It happens, some mornings. I turned to Zite for inspiration – the on-line knitting magazine that comes to my i-Pad – and found this hat. (It’s the one for 10th September).

It's in Rowan Colorscape Chunky, even one skein of which is not a trivial purchase. On the other hand, it would be practically instantanous to knit. The pattern is available from the link above, or from Eskimimi on Ravelry. 

Another thing I like is Meg’s stocking-stitch Icelandic overblouse, taking off from the garter stitch one in Knit One, Knit All. It is illustrated in the new Wool Gathering, with a reference to a place on the Schoolhouse Press website where you are said to be able to find a free PDF pattern. That didn’t quite work, but Google found it for me.


  1. Can you undo the provisional cast on when you get to it so you'll have live stitches to graft to live stitches? Seems like a simple way to solve your offset problem. I noticed you don't have a progress bar for the Mitered sweater yet.

  2. Love the contrast of those two photos of the Queen!
    and thank you for the link for that hat, I've been waffling about what new project to cast on, having just finished a Wonderful Wallaby for grandson #1 (who expecting a new baby brother any day, and who will inherit a matching baby sweater knit two years ago). That hat will work a treat in two sizes for them. This will help put off my decision for what sweater to put up next in the queue. I barely had 15 minutes to knit waiting for DH getting his second cataract surgery this morning...gosh the advances in this procedure are astonishing. I'm actually looking forward to the day I need mine done.

  3. Thanks for the morning laugh, Jean! When I saw the Queen at the opening ceremonies I wondered if she was unwell. It's nice to see she recovered. :-)

    I will confess to feeling like a first grader sitting in on a university course when you are talking about your mitred cardigan, and that's in spite of the fact I have knit a BSJ and a rib warmer vest. I am tempted by the Icelandic Overblouse too. It looks very wearable.